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Title: nin10doh
Post by: dukevin on Oct 25 '14 05:47pm
I'm a huge nintendo fan, got every handheld and every console (except NES).
Haven't had much time recently but I have a baus Pokemon XY team currently, going to buy the new Smash Bros soon, and practice up on some Mario Kart 8 some time.

Anyone else have some nintendo?
Title: Re: nin10doh
Post by: Kira on Oct 25 '14 07:19pm
I'm an NES / SNES / N64 fan when it comes to Nintendo.  I didn't really care for the DS (any version) or the Wii's.  The Wii U might be decent when some better games come out, but we'll see.  I still rather the N64 though.  Plus, kickass controller can't be beat.

I'm a big Sony person too.  I will follow them up to the PS4, as I have.  Minus the PS3.  I have two sisters that both have one, so I don't need one. :P  Plus, PS4 kicks its ass.
Title: Re: nin10doh
Post by: Hope on Oct 25 '14 11:18pm
I reallyllllylly wanna get the 3ds so I can play SSB4 I also have a wii and a gamecube.  :D
Title: Re: nin10doh
Post by: dukevin on Oct 26 '14 12:16am
Light I have a ton of N64 and SNES got a lot of NES on virtual console as well. But some of the best games are on the DS and Wii man! Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Excitebots, I could go on lol.

Awesome hope, let me know when you get a 3ds so we can play together. Which games you got for wii and gcn?
Title: Re: nin10doh
Post by: dukevin on Jan 09 '15 08:21am
while my hard drive was busted I've been owning it up in smash bros. I still suck though but if anyone gots this, we should play together
Title: Re: nin10doh
Post by: Obsession on Jan 09 '15 05:20pm
SNES was my first console ever. Played Super Mario World and Donkey Kong 1-4 a lot. Also played every Pokemon until xy. Playing heartgold again atm :)