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Title: Cleaning up the forums.
Post by: Vibe on Aug 10 '19 08:51pm
Okay, so I'm thinking about cleaning the forums up a little and tailoring some of the wording and charter rules and shit to gear more toward where we are with the casual social club mindset now.

I had talked earlier in the week about getting rid of some of the old posts and threads and whatnot, but the more I think about it, the more that shit is history and I think it should stay where it is and we can just start posting and building on top of it. Can't forget our past lest we repeat it etc..

That's my opinion, and I'm starting this thread to gauge where you guys are at on this. I'm not firm on this at all, and if the majority think we should prune and clean shit, I'd happily get to it, but want to get input before I just start doing shit.

So let a brotha know!
Title: Re: Cleaning up the forums.
Post by: Kira on Aug 10 '19 10:13pm
I don't think we should delete old stuff.  If we were going to remove it, I would rather see it go into a "trash bin" that is just hidden from everyone.

Other than that, I don't really have a preference.  I would rather Discord take over and just have people join / chat there.  Maybe make it public, then have Rx only rooms, so anyone interested in us can join?

The only downside with that idea is that I don't have the Rx role on there. :( *sad music plays as I get left behind* lol
Title: Re: Cleaning up the forums.
Post by: pdbq on Aug 11 '19 01:25am
Honestly... I think that we should leave our old shit up, warts and all. That's part of our history. It ain't beautiful, but it's us. I'm okay with anything tho so I would like to hear other members ideas on this shit.
Title: Re: Cleaning up the forums.
Post by: nelg on Aug 11 '19 04:14pm
I would argue that it is in a way cleaned up, as if you look at ( you'll see that it has evidence of data up to January 2019, but this site only has data leading up to 2015 as far as I can tell. Even my @rx account which I prob made around 2016 or 2017 didn't exist until I just reregistered here.
Title: Re: Cleaning up the forums.
Post by: pdbq on Aug 12 '19 06:54pm
Yeah duke used an old backup. Not exactly sure why but we are missing quite a bit.
Title: Re: Cleaning up the forums.
Post by: dukevin on Aug 18 '19 11:57am
I actually found a more recent backup just now from 2018. Not sure if you guys want to switch to it because we will lose the new posts