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Tron Talk / Is Pie dead?
« on: Jun 08 '15 12:52am »
What's up guys! Long, Long time. I think 2 years maybe longer. I see I'm not even on the ex-member's list. Just wanted to check in and see how everyone is. I've been too busy to even try to play this game, but you might catch me on every once in a while over the next few months since it's summer. Still reppin the tags. Well anyways, good talk. If you want to know more, comment below. #CollegeLife #WorkGrind #MakingGains

Applications / Re: Sly
« on: Nov 17 '14 03:13pm »
Welcome back sly. It's been a while dude...

Promotions / Re: Sleepwalker
« on: Nov 10 '14 10:23pm »
Oh snap. I forgot to read the rules. Disregard this

Promotions / Sleepwalker
« on: Nov 10 '14 10:19pm »
Yo guys I noticed I got dropped from the members list. Can I get back on? Maybe just as inactive since I'm probably only going to be active on Sundays.

General Chat / Re: Hi
« on: Nov 03 '14 02:39pm »
Well since I'm not banned I'll start getting on the grids on Sundays!

General Chat / Re: Hi
« on: Nov 02 '14 09:25pm »
Idk if I'm back. College has been busy. However I can't get on the grids cause I was auto-banned for being "Swag" or at least that's what the server said...

General Chat / Hi
« on: Nov 02 '14 09:17pm »
Just stopping by to say hi. A lot has changed it looks like. How's everybody doing? :D

Archive / Re: Irons app
« on: Aug 11 '14 07:19pm »
yea if the clan doesn't die first lmao

Archive / Re: App for rx:Doog
« on: May 06 '14 10:42pm »
Congrats bro! You'll probably see me on the grids (I'm not really a forum guy)  8)

Archive / Re: App for rx:Doog
« on: Apr 28 '14 07:38pm »
good luck bro

see you on the grids  8)

Archive / Re: Mose's App
« on: Apr 17 '14 08:56pm »
Welcome back Mose. Missed you bruh

Hopefully you get rid of all that rust XD

Support / Re: Tron in-game fps
« on: Apr 11 '14 08:49pm »
Thanks Bruh 8)

Support / Tron in-game fps
« on: Apr 11 '14 06:33pm »
I remember on the old forums duke posted some commands for tron that get rid of a lot of the extra unnecessary graphics which also boosts the in-game fps. Anybody know where that post is? I used it for my old computer, but now that I have a laptop I need to do it again.

General Chat / Re: Who's the dick?
« on: Mar 14 '14 07:24pm »
LMAO your such a troll

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: DFT Expected TEAMS
« on: Feb 20 '14 03:46pm »
I'm looking to form an Rx2 team if anyone else in Rx wants to play

meeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Introductions / Re: Reintroduction of pie yo
« on: Feb 17 '14 03:59pm »
I'm still in high school. Senior year is almost over though, I graduate in May. Still waiting for all my acceptance letters before I choose a college. And as of now I work as a soccer referee to make some mula lol.

Introductions / Reintroduction of pie yo
« on: Feb 16 '14 12:30am »
Wadd up playas pie's back at it. It's been a while so I thought an updated introduction would be a nice idea. Just a little about me I'm a laid back kind of guy. I enjoy doing things that don't necessarily require a plan and money. I spend most of my time with close friends and the remainder working on scholarships. I'm an intellectual, an academic, a nerd, and your classic "nice guy". You can pretty much talk to me about anything in any form, whether on the grids or on the forums you won't be bothering me. I've missed the Rx Fam, hopefully you guys can update me on all the crazy shit that's gone down xD

It's good to be back! I'll see err body on da grids ;)

Archive / Re: P¡e
« on: Feb 13 '14 06:29pm »
 ;D good to be back!
Thanks guys

Archive / P¡e
« on: Feb 05 '14 06:36pm »
Age:  17

Gender:  Male

Aliases: P¡e

Time Played: about 5 years (with like a 2 year break)

Past Clans: Rx (Yes I am a former member-not kicked)

Global ID: ?

Preferred Gametypes: DF sometimes Sumo

Timezone and Available Times: I usually get on for about an hour a day at like 4 or 5 MST

Invited By: Vibe

Read and Understood the Clan Charter: Toats

Why did you choose to apply to Rx: I left for personal reasons. Active again, only clan worth applying too :D

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