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General Chat / Re: Where I've been ..
« on: Sep 04 '15 10:34pm »
Hey there Kira, sounds like you've been up to a lot! Yikes, seems like it would be hard to transition to a 50". It's always fun to see what you're up to and it sounds like your doing well. Sounds like you'll have a fun time rock climbing too. I hope that your move goes well and that your new job turns out well for you. I've started playing more again so if you're ever on it'd be super cool to play with you! Hope that we can play some time. I'll lookout for you on the grids!

General Chat / Re: The state of Rx
« on: Jul 22 '15 02:07am »
I check in almost every other day, not doing much just school/work. Every time that I go into tron there is no one playing in df servers.

General Chat / Re: Computer Fixed
« on: May 22 '15 05:15pm »
i saw you yesterday and it was super fun, better unrust quickly for the dft haha!

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 04 '15 11:55pm »
regardless of whether or not it's official atm we can still plan for it

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 04 '15 07:32pm »
sounds fun ill help promote if i can

General Chat / Re: Where I've been
« on: Apr 15 '15 07:48pm »
Congratz man she's adorable and so happy for you !

Tron Talk / Re: Kroz Admin Abuse
« on: Apr 05 '15 06:40pm »
Im curious as to how you guys have just noticed this now since it's been happening for a few months now. I've even mentioned in chat to Bam that he should change his password since kroz isn't trustworthy even though he is a friend haha.

Tron Talk / Re: Hope's not asian!?!?!
« on: Mar 12 '15 10:17pm »

Tron Talk / Re: Hope's not asian!?!?!
« on: Mar 11 '15 07:51pm »
im white. like all white people theres a list of different ethniicties im from which one is japanese but i don't think that i look asian.

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 10 '15 11:08pm »
For lui's and i match i won 7-6

Tron Talk / Re: Rx Picturz
« on: Feb 05 '15 11:14pm »

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 05 '15 06:05pm »
ill paly in both

Promotions / Re: Bam
« on: Jan 18 '15 10:12pm »
no ones currently the df leader and dw inoob they'll never defeat us lol

Applications / Re: Alucard App
« on: Jan 12 '15 10:49pm »
hey dar

Applications / Re: Shroud app
« on: Jan 10 '15 11:04am »

Applications / Re: Mistakes were made.
« on: Jan 10 '15 11:03am »
wlcm bak

Challenge Us! / Re: Lets go
« on: Jan 06 '15 06:34pm »
Lool les go.

Applications / Re: Panda Jams
« on: Dec 17 '14 06:40pm »
I've seen PJ around as far as I know he's always a part of the fam <3 Welcome back PJ!

Applications / Re: rataTATat
« on: Dec 04 '14 06:27pm »
Gratz tatty!

Applications / Re: rataTATat
« on: Nov 25 '14 05:12pm »
Good luck mr tatty tat!

General Chat / Re: My 16th Birthday is today ;D
« on: Nov 24 '14 08:08pm »
Happy birthday!!!

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Nov 23 '14 08:49pm »
Pixiv is my username

Named after the site?

Haha the what??

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Nov 21 '14 07:31pm »
Pixiv is my username

Tron Talk / Re: some tweaks to Rx Loose settings
« on: Nov 11 '14 11:18am »
I may have been  little mean in the way I stated my earlier post but I think that it's better to not have it on the main DF servers. I agree with Kira that it should have it's own servers so if people want to play on it then they have the choice.

Tron Talk / Re: some tweaks to Rx Loose settings
« on: Nov 10 '14 10:31pm »
Aye so after having this implemented for a much to long time I have some less than "nice" thoughts on the bot, I know it's a cool idea but it's a work in progress and to reiterate I think that it should maybe have its own server. From playing with it way to much  I feel like it kind of ruins the feel of df as anyone who wiggles or digs just glitches and dies. I completely agree with Kira in his post. Theres a few other things too, I've noticed that new people or people who are just assholes are using the bot as an excuse to do flat annoying stabby things which are against the rules but then say, "Oh but you cant stab technically so it's okay" And that just pisses me off. also, people have stopped playing on the rx servers, well not completely but they're less played now, and have gone to other servers which tbh are way more laggy, might just be my comp though. Anyways I might just be ragy but I to be honest at first I kind of liked it but now I dont seem to like it all. Anyways, it's really up to whoever has power to change it I guess.

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