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General Chat / Re: Where I've been ..
« on: Sep 15 '15 06:56am »
Dude, this is awesome to hear.  Always glad to hear someone progressing in life.  I know moving sucks you have a lot to move?

Also do you have insurance on your animals?  Vet bills can get expensive.

General Chat / Re: Need help like ASAP
« on: Jun 03 '15 07:06pm »

Other Places to Hang / Re: Hearthstone
« on: May 09 '15 06:29pm »
Syn plays it

General Chat / Re: Logins #2
« on: May 09 '15 06:28pm »
the man wants answers!

Syn, maybe you should just apologize.

Oooo, now I'm curious.   What post got deleted?

lol, I don't get this at all.  Kira and Duke are pretty busy people.  They have lives...and bills.  Bam, if you define leadership as constantly bitching and then putting people who voted no on an app as inactive, then you're a better leader than you know.  Now that I think of it..have you even done anything for this clan, except make a voting thread?  Syn you're not the best df'er on the grids..spdy is.

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 08:43pm »
I just want to clarify that I don't hate you Luigi.  That does not excuse me calling out your dumb behavior.  I really don't think you have good role models in your life.  No good parent would ever introduce their kid to drugs.  I also have nothing against at all.  With all that being said, don't post videos like that online.

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 07:17pm »
You know what....I've had it up to here with your stupidity.  I wasn't going to say anything about your nasty ass room, retarded name change, or sketch stories because I thought maybe you were a victim of poverty and bad parenting....but this shit right here..get it off the internet.  Also, if you're going to take bong rips for the world to see, don't cough like a bitch.

General Chat / Re: Computer Science Pre Exam Material
« on: Mar 07 '15 06:53pm »
Well it's a good thing you got this  :D

General Chat / Re: Computer Science Pre Exam Material
« on: Mar 07 '15 12:02pm »
Is the coding actually formatted like that?  Also, aren't you in high school?  That's sort of complex for high school coding, even if an outline is given.

General Chat / Re: Bad news in my real life >:(
« on: Feb 26 '15 05:16pm »
Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that Luigi.  I hope he gets put away.  Hopefully you're not smoking too much weed to forget about comforting your sister. :(  Also, how did an 18 year old get your sister's phone number? oO

General Chat / Re: bedroom pix
« on: Feb 01 '15 02:29pm »
Duke, do you just let your birds roam around like that? lol

Tron Talk / Re: Changes ...
« on: Jan 16 '15 06:36pm »
I like the change of ranks. Very nice!

Applications / Re: Mistakes were made.
« on: Jan 16 '15 06:34pm »
lol close enough :P

Applications / Re: Mistakes were made.
« on: Jan 16 '15 06:25pm »

I think Duke's saying you're denied.  Feel free to apply in the future, bud.

Applications / Re: TaZ's App
« on: Jan 15 '15 06:43am »
Woo! Thanks guys, excited to be in!

Applications / Re: Mistakes were made.
« on: Jan 13 '15 06:59pm »
If you can't even publicly say why you want to join back, what makes you think you deserve to be in rx?

Applications / Re: Mistakes were made.
« on: Jan 13 '15 06:12pm »
You didn't even give a reason why you wanted to be back in the clan.  What made you change your mind all of a sudden?

Applications / Re: Mistakes were made.
« on: Jan 12 '15 06:25pm »

Applications / Re: rataTATat
« on: Dec 29 '14 06:18pm »
gz tatty!!

I thought you were more loyal than this.  bye :(

Applications / Re: TaZ's App
« on: Dec 28 '14 06:55pm »
awesomee! thanks guys!

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Dec 18 '14 06:31pm »

Applications / TaZ's App
« on: Dec 17 '14 06:14pm »
hello!! It's TaZ.  I've decided to apply for rx for the following reasons:

1.  Some of my best buddies are in the clan or applying, like fool and Tattoo just to name a few
2.  I'm very loyal and usually stay with a clan until it dies.
3.  Little do most know, I'm a beast at df!
4.  I have multiple VPS's that I don't use that I would welcome anyone of you to use

Most of you have known me for a long time and I would welcome the opportunity to be part of such a strong community.


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