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Applications / Re: Yaaar
« on: Apr 19 '15 03:50pm »
Exciting! Good luck brah!

Tron Talk / Re: Tat goes bye
« on: Apr 09 '15 10:28am »
Sad we didn't meet that often. Timeshift reasons I think. But anyway, have a good time and feel free to look around whenever you want :) see you :)

Applications / Re: Gazelle's App
« on: Mar 31 '15 09:37am »
Kinda sad. I liked the real Gazelle

Introductions / Re: The dankest of dank
« on: Mar 21 '15 05:37pm »
Ohi Mcp, I remember you as Mcp. But Han Brolo is cool aswell.

~Your's sincerly, Master Broda

General Chat / Re: Computer Science Pre Exam Material
« on: Mar 07 '15 09:13am »
I feel hacked now.. No for real man this is so confusing! I think it takes a lot of dedication and knowledge to do this. I mean. I don't know if this is bullshit but it looks professional. More complicated then the human body though. And I'm pro at genetics

Challenge Us! / Re: Rx vs. £nmity
« on: Mar 07 '15 09:11am »
I'm down for whenever. Still free from university

Don't think I'm helpful in df though

General Chat / Re: Bad news in my real life >:(
« on: Feb 25 '15 05:07am »
So sorry to hear that Lui! It's one of the most horrible crime scenes I can imagine. In Germany rapists usually get a psycho-therapy and a second chance so they're free again after 2 years. I hate my country therefore. Rapists are a part of the criminals who would make me vote for death penalty. If someone doesn't respect human rights, why should he be threaten like a human being? 

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx. Sumo War
« on: Feb 20 '15 04:11pm »
I'm there :)

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx. Sumo War
« on: Feb 19 '15 01:44pm »
Friday pls

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 13 '15 03:51pm »
a little earlier would be nice. Like idk..5 hours earlier o.O I could stay awake. I'm not drinking anyways

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 13 '15 03:43pm »
Oh shit. Sunday is carnival.. Should I get up early or stay awake?

Applications / Re: Blue's app :)
« on: Feb 12 '15 05:20pm »
Glad to see you apped. I was wondering if your colour-names were covering a known personality but doesn't seem so. But your time played makes that senseful, because you started during my brake. Nevertheless I think you're skillful with a lot of potential and definitely a nice guy.
Rx-buddys, meet him!

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 12 '15 09:24am »
Df first is better I think

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 11 '15 05:27pm »
Lost 0-7 to Cam who lost 5-7 to bam afterwards. Hf updating dukey <3

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 11 '15 02:31pm »
I'm really bad with timezones and timezone converters, but mine said that would be 4am for me :( but I'm minor so nvm :)

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 11 '15 10:21am »
Looser's bracket sounds good :) and Cam I'm looking forward seeing you on. I suffered from tonsillitis what really killed me. But therefore I wasn't able to go to M├╝nster and so I'm at home, ready to fight whenever :)

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Feb 10 '15 07:36am »

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 06 '15 04:38am »
I'll be there >:----)

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 05 '15 06:38pm »
Vogue, pd and Syn would pwn in sumo

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 05 '15 02:22pm »
I'll be there I think, but I'd like to leave space for better (dfers). I'd rather play in sumo

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 03 '15 08:03am »
When the o2 faggots finally solve my DSL problems we can fight tomorrow if you like Vogue. Rather in the evening tho

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 01 '15 05:09am »
Bad thing: 2nd round is EU vs AU is that even possible?
That's fine on Rx West both should have around 210 ping. Seems fair doesn't it?

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 01 '15 05:04am »
Good thing getting Vogue: Euro vs. Euro
Bad thing getting Vogue: Tron natural talent vs. all-around gaming noob except for FIFA

Applications / Re: Homecoming
« on: Jan 31 '15 05:26am »
I won't, unless mose or lime fight for it, then it'll be close.

Haha, I thought about a fatal-4-way match of bam vs. syn vs. mose vs. lime
kinda epic

And welcome back Mr.Syn, was a tough birth, but the baby's alive and healthy :)

Other Places to Hang / Re: Pokemon Showdown
« on: Jan 24 '15 05:55am »
I'm gonna fuck you up bam/duke

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