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Archive / Hope's Application ;p
« on: Aug 15 '14 08:03pm »
Age: 20

Gender: Female

Aliases: Hope, LI0N, Cookeh,

Time Played: Since '04. so with breaks probably about 9-10 years

Past Clans: 6lu/ID

Global ID: LI0N@forums, Cookeh@forums, Hope@aagid

Division(s) Applied For: DF, HR, Sumo

Timezone and Available Times: US Pacific standard time. School's starting soon so after classes I can. depending on the days I can probably start playing at like 7pm sometimes earlier sometimes later.

Invited By: Vibe

Have you read and Understood the Clan Charter: Yes

Why did you choose to apply to Rx: Rx is the most caring clan i have come across and it seems like a family. I've known a lot of people in Rx and I feel that my closest friends on tron are in Rx. Also, I know that it won't be dying anytime soon so that's a +. As well as being an older player I've never been really attracted to newer clans. <3

Dogfight Throwdown / Dogfight Throwdown 3 Instas
« on: Feb 10 '14 05:19pm »
Hey all,

Cookeh here. I have made some DFT 3 instas that a couple of people have asked for so i'll post them here. You can put these in your user config or w/e. Anyways, here they are.

0x464eecD0x4668ecF0x4690ecT0x46a5ec 0x469eecMar0x4679ecch 0x4946ec29th, 0xa3c4ffSi0x689efdgn-0x338bfaup0x147afa now!!!!

0x614ecddf0x7a46ecthrow0x8546ecdown.0xa346ectk,0xc246ec 3v3 0x7346ecMarch 29th 0x854ecsSign0xda46ec-up0xec46ca now!!

Hope you guys like them :D


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