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I also forgot to mention to go into NVIDIA'S control panel and turn put low latency mode to ultra

Keyboards will say HID KEYBOARD DEVICE (could be different from mine)
Mice will say HID-COMPLIANT MOUSE (could be different from mine)

Note - overclocking may not work for Low speed devices which controlled by non Microsoft USB stack, like USB 3.x at Windows 7 or newest Microsoft drivers.This wont work well with bluetooth devices and wont work on all devices

If you need help just let me know or discord on reply to this post :)

(watch it in 1080P)

General Chat / Got A Tattoo
« on: Oct 11 '15 01:00am »
Me and my friend got matching tats and well it didnt hurt that bad at all imma get more but here it is and it says "We Walk Together, We Die Together, Brothers Till The End."
Black Outline and Red Shading And My girlfriend also dyed her hair black and red  :-* ;D

General Chat / What Im currently Working On
« on: Jun 11 '15 06:54am »
If you dont know already i have a modded ps3 so im putting it to use by making a mw2 custom modded patch  called Demons Unleashed V1 meaning a mod menu and etc after a day worth of testing and codding in HxD i changed the MW2 multiplayer screen to this

And having to go through HxD and the ff viewer...

I love doing this it gives me something todo and the joy of watching it go into action makes me Cum.
I might not be on tron has much until i release my v1 but ill put some time in there for tron ;D

Well guys i got some bad news the power is getting shut off we owe 500$ by next friday if not bye bye power im just wanted to let you guys a heads up so you can change active to none active if it does happen. But there is hope that we'll get the money by then or not kinda stressed about it today because i just ordered my GTX 970 and this happens..But i hope it will get paid and this will be a thing of the past.
Okay Guys Crosswalk paid it off and wall we gotta do is pay 75 bucks tomorow to the Power Company and this will be gone in the wind ;D

General Chat / Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 05:36am »
Me Taking Bong Tokes ;D
You can see it here

Tron Talk / My Tron Server now up.
« on: Apr 13 '15 07:52pm »
Hey guys just wanted to let you know that my server is up. It's Luigi's Loose Dogfight ;D.
BTW its home hosted i got 2 internet lines ones for me and the other line is for my family which is the one im hosting on and im hosting on a diff pc 2 so it shouldnt lag alot it will only lag when there's people on it but it takes like 3 or 2 youtube videos to be playing to make it lag. Its still in a working progress. I have to fix my DNS Server and i have to add peoples logins and also i need sets the sets im using is alright but it dont feel right so if you have East's Sets let me use em plz ;D But if you want admin or mod let me know just pm your login(USERNAME@N/A).
Imma try to keep this server up as long as long as i can.

General Chat / Getting a new Graphics Card!!!
« on: Mar 15 '15 07:18pm »
Hey guys im getting a new Graphic Card And getting more RAM 16GB exact ;D bout damn time.
My current card is a Geforce GTX 560 With 4GB of RAM.
Im Getting a Geforce GTX 960 with 16GB of RAM ;D
Ill be ordering it sometime next month so i have to wait a lil but i know im getting it.
Heres the link to it and a video of Dying Light PC Max Settings Geforce GTX 960.

General Chat / Bad news in my real life >:(
« on: Feb 24 '15 11:50pm »
Well im gonna get to the point my sister got raped  >:( The guy that did it is 18 and my sister is 11 i know the guy that did it...He was my friend not now but we wasent very tight when we was well this happend like a week ago but my sister was going over to her cuzins felshia's boyfriends house and she got there and before she left Tyler Gas (The Rapist)'s sister called her want wanted her to come over she got to there and when my sister and his sister was leaving his sister got out the door tyler shut the door and grabbed her and my sister said no get off and he said no...he fucking raped her... >:(...Well my mom and dad found out when someone called the school and told them they was from a diff school then the school called the cops and my parents and told my mom and dad to get up there its urgent...well yeh i found out but theres alot of people ater tyler now bc of what he did to my sister my sister is going to go to councleing and to get a rape kit done to find out if she was raped....Tyler is scareing my sister how if she dont lie about it that he well tell the cops how he knows my mom sells pills and how my dad smokes pot to try and get me and my sister tooken away from my mom and dad....
But yeh ive been like this allday pissed angry me and my homie is ready to fuck him up but with the cops in it well just cause more trouble but if the cops dont do nothing well my mom and dad already got a hold of people and so have i so theres alot of people ready to beat the fuck out of im ready for my dad's cuzin ramen (Ray Ray) To find out bc hes a bad mother fucker...
I just wanted to let u guys know this upset news and if u guys dont care i see but ill see u guys on the grid...

General Chat / My 16th Birthday is today ;D
« on: Nov 24 '14 02:36pm »
Hey guys if you all didnt know im 16 now ;D my birthday is today 11/24/1998

Archive / Luigi's Application ;D
« on: Aug 15 '14 05:38pm »
Age: 15

Gender: Male

Aliases: Luigi,Lui

Time Played: 2 years total of tron 1 year on Loose and 1 year on HR

Past Clans: TaN,PR,V,Re,Un,RF

Global ID: Luigis@forums

Division(s) Applied For (DF, SUMO, CTF, HR): DF,HR,Sumo (Just started sumo and im allright)

Timezone and Available Times: (GMT -06:00) Central Time (US And Canada)

Invited By: Vibe

Have you read and Understood the Clan Charter: Yes

Why did you choose to apply to Rx: Because i pretty know alot of u and its my dream to be in Rx since i started Loose and i want to accomplish my dream and you guys are very good teachers and very friendly and as well as being good. I would love to get good as all you guys ;D.

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