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Challenge Us! / TLT v.s. Rx.
« on: Nov 08 '14 02:46am »
Would like TLT to face rx sometime not soon or anything (we dont have enough members) but some time. if u feel like warring us
go to our war section. if possible a fast track war but we might accept others  ;D

General Chat / -TLT-
« on: Nov 07 '14 08:49pm »
This is my new clan  ;D
i am now -TLT-SOuR

hope to cya there  ;D

1v1 Thread / ME VS pdbq
« on: Nov 05 '14 03:30am »
close game the whole way tho at the end it was 6-3 (first to seven)
i made a comback to 6-6 but pdbq beat me it was a good game  ;D

Applications / RA88's Application
« on: Nov 05 '14 12:01am »
age: 15
gender: male
alias: Rampage, radium,
time played:started 2012
past clans: atsmosphere, ex and a few troll clans  :P
global id: Don't know
east AUS
no invite :'(
i would like to be in rx because i think ill get along well with the other members and i dont think any other clan would suit me like this clan feels.
i have read the clan charter

RA88  ;D

General Chat / Why ive Left off applying for now
« on: Nov 02 '14 11:38pm »
ive left off applying for rx because im less likely to be accepted without an invite,
should i apply anyway
what are my chances?

Other Places to Hang / Tee World
« on: Oct 29 '14 02:08am »
i know im not in rx. yet but i am trying out.
Tee world is a 2d multiplayer shooter.
but it has grappling hooks.
it makes it very fun.

my name in TeeWorld is SHADOW
in it u can also make clans so rx. could do some teeworld too.
i wish that we could have a server on that too if possible.


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