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1v1 Thread / duke vs bam
« on: May 03 '15 08:02am »
I defeated bam 7-4

1v1 Thread / bam vs torn
« on: Feb 23 '15 04:26am »
bam lost to torn narrowly in a 1v1 6-8 i think.
Here's the records:
You need 0.2.9 alpha to view

Events / Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Jan 31 '15 09:11pm »
Who is the best Df'er in all of Rx? Obviously me, but how can we trust the great duke? With an Rx vs Rx tourney of course! In this tournament we'll see who's the top shit or just the top talker. I've also made a little photoshop award for your sig if you win, but that's just 2nd to the awesome glory you will receive from wining this.

Who can play? Where do I sign up?
Well if you're Rx you're already signed up this saves time and lets no one out of being counted. If you don't want to play, just opt-out.

What time is this shit?
There is no time, since this is a 1v1 whenever you see your assigned player online you can go ahead and fight it out. If your assigned member is too inactive or never on you can request to automatically win.

What format?
Up to you when you fight but maybe best of 11 would be best. You can go to Rx Practice and lock the server to prevent scrubs from ruining it, but up to you.

===== BRACKETS =====

Let the games begin, post your results here in this thread and I'll update the brackets

Tron Talk / where has duke been
« on: Dec 29 '14 07:57am »
I just finished the quarter last week so I should've been active again but just about when I was getting online, my hard drive on my main computer died and is completly unrecoverable. So I've been doing bull like that during holidays. I just made a bootable USB so I'll try and come on with that instead. But at least you know I haven't bailed on you :P

Minecraft / Rx Minecraft server
« on: Nov 17 '14 01:53am »
We have a Minecraft server but some unfortunate tronners decided to grief if so it's now for Rx and trusted members only. It is modded so the free client will work on it. You can download the client here but only if you can't afford a legit one.

If you want the IP to join our server, make a post with your in game tron name with an ip address you use on grid so we can verify your identity.

Link to IP (members only)

Tron Talk / some tweaks to Rx Loose settings
« on: Oct 26 '14 12:54am »
I'm testing out some anti-stab settings. Basically if you stab the wall, it will remain clean and allow a tiny gap for players to still go through. So this should theoretically make most all traps clean except for those dick traps like flats, line traps, and digging. Escaping is a bit easy now so rubber is at 7.
See how you like the settings, if not I'll change them back

Other Places to Hang / nin10doh
« on: Oct 25 '14 05:47pm »
I'm a huge nintendo fan, got every handheld and every console (except NES).
Haven't had much time recently but I have a baus Pokemon XY team currently, going to buy the new Smash Bros soon, and practice up on some Mario Kart 8 some time.

Anyone else have some nintendo?

Announcements / Some changes
« on: Oct 25 '14 08:51am »
Rearranged the forums a bit so it's neater with a lot less empty boards and topics. Also incorporated some of the stuff we voted on. If you guys have any other ideas, please let me know, and if something can be improved, don't be afraid to just change stuff. This is your clan so be bold and active!

Also, Hope, Luigi, and Bam have been promoted to Lieutenant! Congraz

Demotions / Demotion rules
« on: Oct 25 '14 08:07am »
If you believe someone is unfit for their current rank, you may post a poll here to demote or kick a member.

You can logout and post as a Guest if you prefer but your IP will be verified by a General/Leader.

You may ask for a one stage demotion or a full demotion back to sleepwalker, please specify it in a YES/NO poll. All votes are anonymous.

We may also kick/demote for excessive inactivity however upon return, they will be readmitted back in the clan, if they choose.

Promotions / Rules
« on: Oct 25 '14 07:31am »
Nominate fellow Rx members for a promotion by starting a topic with their name and a poll with options Yes / No.

Members will be promoted by one stage if successful.
Sleepwalker → Lieutenant → Captain → General

By the end of the voting period, a General/Leader will promote the member if the vote has a majority in favor of Yes.

Announcements / is the new domain
« on: Sep 03 '14 03:16am » stopped working for unknown reasons so the new domain is

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