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Promotions / mose
« on: Jan 03 '15 01:31am »
i love democracy

Archive / Mose's App
« on: Apr 14 '14 11:17am »
Gender: TBD (M)

Aliases: So many: dFk.Gmoses (RIP), MrGmoser, anything with mose in it...

Time Played: Probably at night like 9pm during the week maybe, but my schedule is pretty fluid so I can get on more most likely.

Past Clans: dFK (laugh all you want fuckers), Rx (you might not have heard of them)

Global ID:

Preferred Gametypes: df, sumo

Timezone and Available Times: Eastern Standard, During the week after class I'll be free (8 or 9pm), During the weekend it depends but afternoon like 2pm for a few hours should be good.

Invited By: Syn

Read and Understood the Clan Charter: yuh

Why did you choose to apply to Rx: you guys are my homies

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