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Other Places to Hang / Hearthstone
« on: May 09 '15 06:59am »
Anyone play this game aside from TaZ and Bam?

Kumomi#1405 is my ID.

Tron Talk / cutie
« on: Feb 21 '15 01:33pm »

leaving the clan btw

General Chat / desktop
« on: Jan 27 '15 08:58am »
I'm testing new themes and found one to my liking, so I edited my old bblean skin together with my foobar skin to look alike with the theme. Thoughs?
The foobar skin is half finished.
and this was my old desktop

anyway, desktop thread. I want to see all your beautiful desktops!!!

General Chat / post music
« on: Nov 14 '14 10:46pm »
post music

General Chat / Movie and Video Game Screenshots
« on: Nov 08 '14 06:53am »
I remember creating a thread like this on our old forums.

Screenshot a movie or video game and others will have to guess it, doesn't matter what time.

I'll start

P.S Don't use google, faggot.

Promotions / me
« on: Nov 04 '14 12:42am »


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