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General Chat / You guys don't even know.
« on: May 24 '15 09:47pm »
I'm about to go to town on some skirt steak tacosssss I'm sooo fucking hungry right now.

« on: Aug 29 '14 10:59am » has just finished whatever they were working on and are now back in business, however since I created our community AFTER they had already started. Our room is now gone. The good news is they cleaned out a bunch of rooms that were inactive. So now we are simply

This and a bunch of other version had been taken but now it is ours! See you guys there!

3 /
« on: Aug 23 '14 10:14am »
ok guys the new url is

Also go and get this extension for firefox, chrome

when you install the extension, refresh plug, then on the top left you will see the tastyplug menu. Everything will be red, go ahead and toggle everything to blue, then in cust emotes hit the menu button right beside it and toggle all of those on as well. there's a bunch of other features this plugin has as well but that well get you going.

i will personally be there as soon as im home everyday, So if you have any question just let me know. for your amusement, heere is a list of all the custom emotes enjoy

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