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Archive / Re: App for rx:Doog
« on: May 03 '14 06:06pm »
I vote for doog.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: Promo
« on: Mar 01 '14 09:23pm »
Who is this pdqb? They don't sound very known in the dogfight community.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: DFT Expected TEAMS
« on: Mar 01 '14 09:20pm »
I have chosen to come forth for eS to form a team of general funky hoodlums and whatnot. Uh, first i wanted to verify the date, and second i wanted to say that i will be the team leader. Cause #yololeaderswag. I'm thinking, but not solidified yet, that it will be me, Disco, and that fujitsu thing.

Challenge Us! / Re: _eS!: vs Rx in a sumo war
« on: Jun 19 '13 11:01am »
I have no idea. Everyone in eS is a bitch to get ahold of. Let me get you a time or multiple times.

Challenge Us! / Re: _eS!: vs Rx in a sumo war
« on: Jun 18 '13 11:51pm »
Legit war it is you blood hungry bastards. Ride or die.

Challenge Us! / Re: _eS!: vs Rx in a sumo war
« on: Jun 14 '13 07:34pm »
Alright well no rush. We've got time to figure it out :)

Challenge Us! / Re: _eS!: vs Rx in a sumo war
« on: Jun 14 '13 06:34pm »
Negotiable. Give us what works for you and then we can come to an agreement? I'm flexible. Anything after 10 eastern works for us and as for date, i don't think we have many date restrictions. Weekends work better.

Challenge Us! / _eS!: vs Rx in a sumo war
« on: Jun 14 '13 06:28pm »
pdbq and i had the idea of a fun rx vs eS sumo war. I have conjured a team of three and if rx would do the same, we could do this thang! Interested rx? 

Archive / Re: Camaro
« on: May 29 '13 09:37am »
... wut.

Archive / Re: eeZ's App
« on: May 29 '13 09:34am »
Good luck Tristan

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