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I also forgot to mention to go into NVIDIA'S control panel and turn put low latency mode to ultra

Keyboards will say HID KEYBOARD DEVICE (could be different from mine)
Mice will say HID-COMPLIANT MOUSE (could be different from mine)

Note - overclocking may not work for Low speed devices which controlled by non Microsoft USB stack, like USB 3.x at Windows 7 or newest Microsoft drivers.This wont work well with bluetooth devices and wont work on all devices

If you need help just let me know or discord on reply to this post :)

(watch it in 1080P)

General Chat / Got A Tattoo
« on: Oct 11 '15 01:00am »
Me and my friend got matching tats and well it didnt hurt that bad at all imma get more but here it is and it says "We Walk Together, We Die Together, Brothers Till The End."
Black Outline and Red Shading And My girlfriend also dyed her hair black and red  :-* ;D

General Chat / Re: The state of Rx
« on: Jul 23 '15 03:00am »
nice looks like most of the squad are still around at least, anyone have any bright ideas to up activity? maybe we could chill in a diff game idk
I Have Minecraft i just dont play it or we could have a party on loose up to you guys

General Chat / Re: The state of Rx
« on: Jul 21 '15 03:31pm »
Yeh Ive been working... barley have time to play tron and just not tron all games or whenever i try to get on tron no ones on so i get off...

General Chat / Re: The state of Rx
« on: Jul 20 '15 10:48pm »
I check now in a then just stayed quiet what u guys up to these days...

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: Jun 11 '15 06:58am »
Im down to be in the DFT not as a ref tho also btw we need to hurry and get the team/teams and the refs where we can DO THIS THING!!!

General Chat / What Im currently Working On
« on: Jun 11 '15 06:54am »
If you dont know already i have a modded ps3 so im putting it to use by making a mw2 custom modded patch  called Demons Unleashed V1 meaning a mod menu and etc after a day worth of testing and codding in HxD i changed the MW2 multiplayer screen to this

And having to go through HxD and the ff viewer...

I love doing this it gives me something todo and the joy of watching it go into action makes me Cum.
I might not be on tron has much until i release my v1 but ill put some time in there for tron ;D

General Chat / Re: Computer Fixed
« on: Jun 04 '15 01:36am »

Pwn Computer + Pwn Internet
I bet me computer can pwn yours ;D but your internet will blow mine out of this universe like srs 93 mb/s compared to mine...


General Chat / Re: Need help like ASAP
« on: Jun 03 '15 07:07pm »
Best of luck to you and may the force be with you.

General Chat / Re: Movie and Video Game Screenshots
« on: Jun 02 '15 05:49pm »
Okay So im Blue in a massive war with dark black we are engaged on 3 fronts U can see where im fighting on one of the fronts circled in red on the minimap (east).
My ally grey which i told you about died by light black but i took all the officers he had. But now Yellow which is circled in red is fighting light black and dark pink and is engaged in massive warfare.

General Chat / Re: Movie and Video Game Screenshots
« on: Jun 02 '15 02:04am »
Okay guys this is Me Playing Romance of the Three Kingdoms 11 On PC.
The blue Territory Is Me And the part of mine territory that is circled in yellow is where i recently fought orange highlighted in red bc he sent men at my Hu Luo Gate u can see it in the background but he failed and lost his city.
The black guy cirlced in red does not like me so we might goto war soon.
The Grey guy circled in blue is my ally and same with green wich recently fought black for more territory and was succesful while my ally grey is fighting for control over a city with yellow they been fighting for a long time and no looks of stoping.
This game is amazing for a 2006 strategy game (RTS) its a game where u cant just set and build up u will always get into war and have to make decesions best for your people bc if you dont they will riot and bandits will appear there not good when fighting 1 or more wars at a time. I fought people over this territory and had many of battles but soon me and green will have to clash and dear god their will be so many deaths on both sides.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 12 '15 01:37am »
Im down.

You all look like kids fighting over a piece of candy in a candy store not all of you but some not pointing fingers.

Applications / Re: Yaaar
« on: Apr 18 '15 09:59pm »
Bout damn time bullet

Well guys i got some bad news the power is getting shut off we owe 500$ by next friday if not bye bye power im just wanted to let you guys a heads up so you can change active to none active if it does happen. But there is hope that we'll get the money by then or not kinda stressed about it today because i just ordered my GTX 970 and this happens..But i hope it will get paid and this will be a thing of the past.
Okay Guys Crosswalk paid it off and wall we gotta do is pay 75 bucks tomorow to the Power Company and this will be gone in the wind ;D

1v1 Thread / Re: 1 v 1's for stats
« on: Apr 16 '15 07:16pm »
Go here for stats!

Lui Vs Bam:

7 - 2

Bam's victory
I will be back muahahahahahahah ;D it was a good fight i my escape and traping was good just my avoid and i think we can agree my avoid sucks lol

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 16 '15 07:13pm »
this whole thread needs to be deleted. too much hate on these forums guys
Me And Taz are cool we taked over TS and talked it out so the heat is down And mose where tf you been mane? Came out of the blue ;D hit me up on tron sometime

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 09:52pm »
Nice. Take a hit for me brah!
Will Do Man ;D

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 08:53pm »
Okay im not gunna say this in a hatefull way. My dad introduced me to weed to see if i liked it and i did. When my dad has weed he gives me some where i dont go out there and get introduced to something else that is laced that can hurt me. Yes my mom give me xanax and pain pills but i dont go out there and run the streets when im high. My parents would kick my ass if they found out if i did smoked meth,carck,herion and etc. Yes my mom used to do meth and crack and my dad used to do herion but they stopped be it was that or me and my sister and she chose us this was very very long ago.
I stand up for my family and for myself and my beliefs if not you have no stable ground to stand on.

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 08:32pm »
sigh, you're the definition of unintelligent white trash
Im a Definition of a white trash okay your the definition of a bitch that joins a clan and dosent even play then leave...
Please explain how im a unintelligent white trash when i can make a mw2 mod menu. want proff ill post a hole menu code here if you want? oh wait ill post a lil code of an aimbot here for you to.
set MC78OFT "toggle MC70T \"vstr MC70On\" \"vstr MC70Off\";vstr MC70T"
set MC78On "set MC70CO vstr MC70COOn;set MC70C vstr MC70COn;vstr MC70FOn;vstr MC70"
set MC78Off "set MC70CO vstr MC70COOff;set MC70C vstr MC70COff;vstr MC70FOff;vstr MC70"
set MC78FOn "set aim_autoaim_lerp 100;set aim_autoaim_region_height 480;set aim_autoaim_region_width 640;set aim_aimAssistRangeScale 2;set aim_autoAimRangeScale 2;set aim_slowdown_debug 0;set aim_slowdown_region_height 0;set aim_slowdown_region_width 0;set aim_lockon_enabled 1;set aim_lockon_strength 1;set aim_lockon_deflection 0;set aim_autoaim_enabled 0;set aim_slowdown_debug 0;set aim_slowdown_region_height 2.85;set aim_slowdown_region_width 2.85;set aim_slowdown_yaw_scale_ads 0.5;set aim_slowdown_yaw_scale 0.4;set aim_slowdown_pitch_scale 0.4;set aim_slowdown_pitch_scale_ads 0.5;set aim_slowdown_enabled 1;bind button_rshldr vstr RapidFire;vstr MC70E"
set MC78FOff "reset aim_lockon_region_height;reset aim_lockon_region_width;reset aim_lockon_enabled;reset aim_lockon_strength;reset aim_lockon_deflection;reset aim_autoaim_enabled;reset aim_autoaim_region_height;reset aim_autoaim_region_width;reset aim_slowdown_yaw_scale_ads;reset aim_slowdown_yaw_scale;reset aim_slowdown_pitch_scale;reset aim_slowdown_pitch_scale_ads;reset aim_slowdown_region_height;reset aim_slowdown_region_width;reset aim_slowdown_enabled;reset aim_aimAssistRangeScale;reset aim_autoAimRangeScale;reset aim_automelee_range;reset aim_automelee_region_height;reset aim_automelee_region_width;reset aimSpreadScale;reset aim_slowdown_debug;reset aim_lockon_debug;reset aim_autoaim_lerp;perk_quickDrawSpeedScale 1.5;perk_fastSnipeScale 4;bind BUTTON_RSHLDR +attack;bind BUTTON_LSHLDR +speed_throw;vstr MC70D"
set MC78T ""
set MC78E "\""^7Machine Gun Aim : ^9Enabled"\"
set MC78D "\""^7Machine Gun Aim : ^9Disabled"\"

General Chat / Re: Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 08:10pm »
You know what....I've had it up to here with your stupidity.  I wasn't going to say anything about your nasty ass room, retarded name change, or sketch stories because I thought maybe you were a victim of poverty and bad parenting....but this shit right here..get it off the internet.  Also, if you're going to take bong rips for the world to see, don't cough like a bitch.
Taz  my "sketch stroies" your a just fucking dick. What the fuck have i done to you or anyone on tron to just hate me. If you dont like me thats fine with me just dont come on my posts saying this nonsense shit Like they say if u have nothing good to say dont say anything at all. And my stupidty really  are you saying that becauce i smoke weed. And you think im going to sit here and listen to you say that you thought it was bc of bad parenting WHAT THE FUCK!!!
I love my Mom and Step Dad my step dad been there for me since i was 6 months after my real father left me hes been a good father and introduced me to weed and i liked it. My Mom and dad teaches me a new life lesson everyday so sftu about my parents.
And you have to cough to get off..
TaZ you have lost all respect from me idgaf if u died gooday.

General Chat / Me Taking some bong tokes
« on: Apr 15 '15 05:36am »
Me Taking Bong Tokes ;D
You can see it here

Tron Talk / My Tron Server now up.
« on: Apr 13 '15 07:52pm »
Hey guys just wanted to let you know that my server is up. It's Luigi's Loose Dogfight ;D.
BTW its home hosted i got 2 internet lines ones for me and the other line is for my family which is the one im hosting on and im hosting on a diff pc 2 so it shouldnt lag alot it will only lag when there's people on it but it takes like 3 or 2 youtube videos to be playing to make it lag. Its still in a working progress. I have to fix my DNS Server and i have to add peoples logins and also i need sets the sets im using is alright but it dont feel right so if you have East's Sets let me use em plz ;D But if you want admin or mod let me know just pm your login(USERNAME@N/A).
Imma try to keep this server up as long as long as i can.

General Chat / Re: bedroom pix
« on: Apr 11 '15 12:31am »
Heres my bedroom i know its mess but idgaf.

Tron Talk / Re: Tat goes bye
« on: Apr 10 '15 12:01am »
*Shoots His self*  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

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