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General Chat / Logins #2
« on: May 09 '15 04:06pm »
1. I don't care
2. So?
3. Yes.

I really don't understand what you're getting at.
1. Then why would you bring it up? Kind of seems pointless to bring up something that you dont really know anything or care about, because you were inactive.
2. You're complaining about me having a login, and you had one when you weren't in rx. You would silence and kick people (abuse), all i did was respawn bansky when he joined a server and logged right back out.
3. You're wrong.

I really dont understand why you're trying to argue.

General Chat / Re: Logins
« on: May 08 '15 04:40pm »
1. Why would you still have an rx member login when you're not in rx?
2. You gave it to Kroz to fuck around with, of course it was going to get deleted.
3. I've had access to Rx command forever, this is nothing new.
1. I setup a new login, that kroz didn't have.
2. Pretty sure you had a login and used the login when you were left. (You also used inoob's login to show off.)
3. Does that mean it's okay?

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 10:28pm »
Dogfight has made a huge turn around compared to a couple months ago!

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 10:27pm »
You totally signed up wrong. Don't worry bud I fixed it for you.
:))) Thank you!

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 08:20pm »
Signed up see you then :)

General Chat / Re: Logins
« on: May 03 '15 05:22am »
Not according to the the new and up coming leader of rx syn. He just went ahead and deleted mine. Crazy that hes not an admin of rx and he has these abilities. Just reminds me of him using inoobs login

General Chat / Logins
« on: May 03 '15 03:41am »
Since my login was deleted, i feel that non members like camaro, tattoo, and illusions should have theirs deleted too. Just saying :)

actually quite a few were removed when vibe left..

ok you convinced me, you're a genius

 ps: typical white trash parents, feed their kids drugs and lets daughter get raped
I love how you bring up this LOL Half of the stupid ass shit that you posted was removed by duke xD I can bring up a lot of it if you would like. Get mad syn, get mad.

This is what happens when I, the longest and most precious Rx member, quits and lays down the truth about Luigi. You're all doomed!!!11
I love you

Didn't you rq earlier in uk because you were getting your ass handed to you xD we will see in the 1v1s! They measure your true skill xD

I'm just sick of people with leadership not being active or taking a leadership role. On top of that, I don't like how people who have zero leadership want to critique someone trying to help make the clan active and is one of the only few who are active. Syn, you're what rx doesn't need. You're a cocky hot head that is not as good as he thinks. Not many like you because of it. They look at you as arrogant, which you are. You remind me a lot of bay. Lots and lots of big talk. I don't want to be in Rx anyways. Not as long as you're in it :) good luck with En and I hope you're ready for another lose after we war you! Gl hf

You think my mistakes have to do with quitting? Not really, actually not at all.

I find this really funny because I was doing option 3 and then Devils advocate says, "this isn't how Rx is." I have been here through the rough, I tried to actually lead the clan. I tried to get stuff done, but guess what? Nothing for weeks. I didn't do step 2, I did step 4. "Do what's best for you." I don't care if this pisses people, especially you. It's about me, the most important person. If you wanted me to stay, you could have prevented it in several ways.

1v1 Thread / Re: 1 v 1's for stats
« on: Apr 27 '15 10:43am »
Luigi vs Illusion:

7 - 1

Luigi's win!

Applications / Re: RitZ app for rx.
« on: Apr 27 '15 10:38am »
We have discussed this among members, and we have decided to make you Rxp. You will be Rxp for a month or possibly less, and we will vote after the time is to see if youre rx material. Go ahead and tag up!

Applications / Re: Blue's app :)
« on: Apr 22 '15 03:57am »
Just want to say, Youre accepted! I hope you see this and didnt quit! You waited long enough and Im not waiting on more votes. Welcome to rx!

General Chat / Re: Picture Thread
« on: Apr 22 '15 01:18am »

Applications / Re: Yaaar
« on: Apr 20 '15 05:28pm »
I wouldnt worry about really mentioning that clan. TBH i only really saw you sporting the tags for it anyways xD

NINJA EDIT! 300th post hype!!!

Applications / Re: Yaaar
« on: Apr 20 '15 07:24am »
syn is male o.o You lost his vote xD

all good dude! just have the cfg set up your computer that way you can continue to practice if at all possible!

1v1 Thread / Re: 1 v 1's for stats
« on: Apr 17 '15 04:51am »
I don't understand any of this thread except people are scared of bam lol. ENGLISH DO YOU SPEAK IT MOTHERFUCKER?

More or less, just challenge people to 1v1s and record how it goes here. You can challenge someone as many times as you want and you can do it however you want, just be sure to tell me what happened. I am trying to set up a new ranking system to who has the best win percentage in rx. With the win percentage, I will use that to determine your df skill in rx! If youre one of the best or one of the worst!

1v1 Thread / Re: 1 v 1's for stats
« on: Apr 16 '15 09:23pm »
lol bam xD Are you going to be updating the df stats?

General Chat / Re: Where I've been
« on: Apr 16 '15 05:49pm »
i know u named her mosiphina rite

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