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Challenge Us! / Re: TLT v.s. Rx.
« on: Nov 08 '14 08:52pm »
i was just saying we r interested in war we are not fighting handycapped and it will most likely be on fast track, btw no posts on our site that im aware of and im the admin

Challenge Us! / TLT v.s. Rx.
« on: Nov 08 '14 02:46am »
Would like TLT to face rx sometime not soon or anything (we dont have enough members) but some time. if u feel like warring us
go to our war section. if possible a fast track war but we might accept others  ;D

General Chat / -TLT-
« on: Nov 07 '14 08:49pm »
This is my new clan  ;D
i am now -TLT-SOuR

hope to cya there  ;D

Applications / Re: RA88's Application
« on: Nov 07 '14 01:02am »
ill try making my own clan
ill always be friends wit rx

Applications / Re: RA88's Application
« on: Nov 07 '14 12:01am »
getting to know people better  :'(
i know most people in rx and get along with them i dont see ur point here.
i will give another week and apply again

but who am i to judge

1v1 Thread / Re: ME VS pdbq
« on: Nov 06 '14 01:00am »
pdbq used admin to stop peope entering which would disturb the 1 v 1

1v1 Thread / Re: ME VS pdbq
« on: Nov 05 '14 02:58pm »
I'm like 90% sure pdbq doesn't play tron anymore because his house flooded.
well the 10% is right because pdbq had admin  :P

Applications / Re: RA88's Application
« on: Nov 05 '14 02:56pm »
im usally on rx loose servers from about 4-5 atleast
australian eastern standered time.

1v1 Thread / ME VS pdbq
« on: Nov 05 '14 03:30am »
close game the whole way tho at the end it was 6-3 (first to seven)
i made a comback to 6-6 but pdbq beat me it was a good game  ;D

Applications / RA88's Application
« on: Nov 05 '14 12:01am »
age: 15
gender: male
alias: Rampage, radium,
time played:started 2012
past clans: atsmosphere, ex and a few troll clans  :P
global id: Don't know
east AUS
no invite :'(
i would like to be in rx because i think ill get along well with the other members and i dont think any other clan would suit me like this clan feels.
i have read the clan charter

RA88  ;D

General Chat / Re: Why ive Left off applying for now
« on: Nov 04 '14 11:55pm »
ok i might apply
Ty for ur encouragemaent
pls vote me in ;)

General Chat / Re: Why ive Left off applying for now
« on: Nov 03 '14 03:13am »
i suppose so,
i just dont want to apply and fail because then when i apply again
i am very unlikely to get it,
i just want to be safe about it  :-\

General Chat / Why ive Left off applying for now
« on: Nov 02 '14 11:38pm »
ive left off applying for rx because im less likely to be accepted without an invite,
should i apply anyway
what are my chances?

Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Nov 02 '14 08:00pm »
thx syn, ;D

Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Nov 01 '14 10:40pm »
i have been looking for a clan,
rx is good,
and im getting along quite well with all the members ive met so far.

i feel that this clan suits me, so i would love to join it,
the clan makes me feel welcome, rx has nice people in it,
people that i feel i will get along with  ;D

Introductions / Re: illu
« on: Nov 01 '14 09:49pm »
not sure yet

Tron Talk / Re: some tweaks to Rx Loose settings
« on: Oct 31 '14 02:43am »
yeah id say bring it back up to 8 rubber but keep the anti stab

It banned you because you used the name swag.
You should be unbanned now, though it looks like you have a history of using other clan's tags and other people's names. I would avoid this if you can.

umm no my dumb brother used the name yoloswag so it kicked me aswell because we use the same ip

Introductions / Re: illu
« on: Oct 31 '14 02:31am »
hey  8)
i live in victoria and im moving to tasmania, i will post when im there

Other Places to Hang / Re: Tee World
« on: Oct 31 '14 01:52am »
ty syn  ;D

Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Oct 30 '14 01:13am »
ive been training for it,
ive left off applying for a reason,
because im less likely to be accepted if im not invited
i have been training on tron.
i am going to wait to be invited.
a few rx members know im trying out, rx.knight rx.dukevin, rx.bam and hope and dwizz might know as well.

this answer ur question syn?  :)

General Chat / Re: Screenshot thread.
« on: Oct 29 '14 03:03am »
i was in one of the games where some rx member fogged it up,
real fun,
real cool,
but 28fps lol

Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Oct 29 '14 02:42am »
i think ive got a cracked,
i can make my name anything
if it is someone elses i get their skin
and i cant go onto normal multiplayer
if the server u r planning to make will work with me
im in
p.s. by the time u get it up ill hopefully be in rx.

Other Places to Hang / Tee World
« on: Oct 29 '14 02:08am »
i know im not in rx. yet but i am trying out.
Tee world is a 2d multiplayer shooter.
but it has grappling hooks.
it makes it very fun.

my name in TeeWorld is SHADOW
in it u can also make clans so rx. could do some teeworld too.
i wish that we could have a server on that too if possible.


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