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General Chat / Re: ey
« on: Jan 27 '21 05:13pm »
we need to get everyone on for a reunion

General Chat / ey
« on: Jan 19 '21 03:20pm »
someone play with me pls

Promotions / Re: Bam
« on: Jan 19 '15 10:41pm »
vZ was too pussy to war me and mose even after we hadn't been on in a year

Promotions / Re: mose
« on: Jan 19 '15 10:34pm »
DUKIE <3 thanks a billion, I'll try to be on as much as possible when I'm not doing school work

Promotions / Re: mose
« on: Jan 03 '15 04:16pm »
also promote me to in the clan

Promotions / Re: mose
« on: Jan 03 '15 01:40pm »
i vote yes
gimmie back my server admin

pls <3

General Chat / Re: Hi loves
« on: Dec 19 '14 12:57pm »
monilove is life

General Chat / Re: Hi loves
« on: Dec 17 '14 10:49pm »
Obsession! Heyya kack  :)
DWiz wassup wassup
Hello Had
Dukie <3
Pd! It's been so long

Can we arrange an Rx clan practice like we did in the old days?
I'd love to play some good ol' DF with as many people as we can get together.

General Chat / Hi loves
« on: Dec 17 '14 01:58am »
How we all doing?
I'm still alive, sorry I haven't played in ages...
I'm not sure if I'll be able to be active because of how busy I'm being kept in school but I'll definitely try to keep more in contact with you guys!
Anyways just felt like poppin' in and saying hi to my old buttbuddies and new members alike
Catch ya later buds

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