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General Chat / Re: hello
« on: Jun 15 '21 03:39pm »
hey what's up Lxnto

Announcements / Re: Cleaning up the forums.
« on: Aug 18 '19 11:57am »
I actually found a more recent backup just now from 2018. Not sure if you guys want to switch to it because we will lose the new posts

General Chat / Re: Handwriting judgement thread
« on: May 10 '15 06:03pm »

Introductions / Re: Banksy in the house
« on: May 10 '15 05:34am »
hey banksy thanks for stopping by. GL with reviving vz

General Chat / Re: Logins #2
« on: May 10 '15 05:33am »
True, syn abused in the past there's no denying it. But let's not bring up the past anymore, clean slate for everyone. If there's current issues you can start a new topic but for now discussion is over

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 10 '15 05:28am »
Yo guys let's totally make a team or 2. I'd like to play in it even though it's totally finals week june 13. Who else from rx wants to be in it?

General Chat / Re: Handwriting judgement thread
« on: May 10 '15 05:22am »
Not bad light, but that "a" is like how girls write circa 1999

Here's my writing:

1v1 Thread / Re: 1 v 1's for stats
« on: May 03 '15 09:15am »
These are the current rankings :D I plan to always be updating them for improvement or the opposite :O Plus, we need to start 1v1ing! so we can have cool percents
such a pitty
I made one last edit. Me vs bam 7-4 my win. Shame you're not going to be around to edit it anymore, my name will always be above yours

They resigned at a low point in Rx's career, at a point where it's pretty clear that their presence is fairly vital to the running of these grinding rusting ass gears we call rx. Fuck em. They wanna drop out when the going gets tough? Let em. They clearly didn't care enough about our shithole enough to see it through until the end.

I completely agree with what syn said. Part of the reason I removed ranks was to put the power in everyone's hands and let everyone change what they wanted, don't depend on leaders to do everything. Sure we all have our real lives and go inactive but my idea of joining a clan is for you to stick with it towards the end and make it what you want it to be. tbh it feels more like a betrayal then a departure to me. Though I won't hold it against anyone.

Tron Talk / Re: Tat goes bye
« on: May 03 '15 08:52am »
I'm a bit surprised you left, I thought you fit in nicely. If we had been more active like in the old days then maybe things would have been different. GL out there and I hope you still stop by

Introductions / Re: RitZ's intro
« on: May 03 '15 08:41am »
Hey ritz, thanks for stopping by!

General Chat / Re: Logins
« on: May 03 '15 08:38am »
They've all been set to regular member

General Chat / Re: Where I've been
« on: May 03 '15 08:33am »
INOOOOB holy shit dude! That's so awesome. We all know her first game will be tron but I'm not going to get my ass kicked by a kid, unless you train her. Ahh look how far we come though. Remember back in the day mAd used to give you shit for being a proud virgin? hahah good timesss. soo when can we talk about daddy-daughter tron times?

General Chat / Re: Pets!
« on: May 03 '15 08:18am »
Those are some nice birds duck, that amazon looks really happy. Does that conure get along fine with it?

General Chat / Re: Tell me something
« on: May 03 '15 08:13am »
I practically live at school now

General Chat / Re: Iphone vs Andriod
« on: May 03 '15 08:12am »
I also have only used androids but don't hate apple. Mac OSX is very hard for me to get work done on having 8 windows open at once, it's a huge chore to manage. iphones have their use but I also like the customizations on android but I wouldn't mind an iphone.

This is probably extremely biased, as I'm a big fan of Linux, but Android has to win.
IOS is actually linux also, just like Mac OSX, it's just customized so you can't customize it

1v1 Thread / duke vs bam
« on: May 03 '15 08:02am »
I defeated bam 7-4

Tron Talk / Re: Hope's not asian!?!?!
« on: Mar 11 '15 03:54am »
I thought she was asian too

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Mar 10 '15 02:19am »
pd stop talking smack!
So what is this forum about? Just practicing and increasing our skills in 1vv1?
Read the original post, it's a 1v1 tournament amongst Rx members. Winner gets a tiny prize. We'll have another one after this one is over. Might do a 2v2 tournament

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Mar 09 '15 06:54am »
Alright this is taking too long.
Bam vs pdbq
happens next, if not then it'll be me vs Bam.

As soon as this is concluded, we'll have another Rx vs Rx so worry not if you were too inactive this time around!

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: Mar 09 '15 04:47am »
You guys up for organizing it? If not I'll do it next, next week

Applications / Re: Blue's app :)
« on: Mar 09 '15 04:17am »
Talked to you on grid but you're in RxP! Congratz!

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: Mar 08 '15 11:02pm »
I think this is a good idea we'll probably bring a few teams

Challenge Us! / Re: Rx vs. £nmity
« on: Mar 05 '15 09:53pm »
That's finals week for me :P

General Chat / Re: Bad news in my real life >:(
« on: Feb 25 '15 05:34am »
Holy shit man that's horrible... Some people are just sick. We're here for you man. Just come on here and vent if you have to. I'm unqualified to give advice but I'll definitely lend an ear

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