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General Chat / Re: hello
« on: Jul 23 '21 03:55am »

Announcements / Re: Cleaning up the forums.
« on: Aug 12 '19 06:54pm »
Yeah duke used an old backup. Not exactly sure why but we are missing quite a bit.

Announcements / Re: Cleaning up the forums.
« on: Aug 11 '19 01:25am »
Honestly... I think that we should leave our old shit up, warts and all. That's part of our history. It ain't beautiful, but it's us. I'm okay with anything tho so I would like to hear other members ideas on this shit.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: Jun 10 '15 03:39am »
Hey, just a reminder that this is happening THIS SATURDAY. So remind everyone you see on grids, I will make a post on other clan forums in a couple days. ALSO WE NEED MORE REFS. PLEASE BE A REF OR HELP FIND ONE WHO WILL ACTUALLY SHOW UP. THANKS GUYS U DA BEST.

Tron Talk / Re: Is Pie dead?
« on: Jun 10 '15 03:37am »
sup duder. good to see you man.

General Chat / Re: Computer Fixed
« on: May 27 '15 02:49am »
It's hard out here for an aussie...

General Chat / Re: Handwriting judgement thread
« on: May 10 '15 06:59am »

Introductions / Re: Banksy in the house
« on: May 10 '15 06:44am »
Sup :)

General Chat / Re: Logins #2
« on: May 09 '15 07:54pm »
Dude bam, I love you man, but you don't get a say in Rx matters anymore. I understand you don't think it's fair or whatever, but you can't come on our forums just to talk shit about members and the way we do things. If you have legit concerns that's cool and they were addressed in your first thread. No need to make this because the thread you already made got locked, that means the discussion is over.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 09 '15 07:46pm »
Cool man, thanks. Everybody try and get the word out that we are looking for more refs!

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 10:27pm »
Thanks. It seems like there are a lot of clans out there right now. eS, Su, en, bam's clan, apparently synergy is back and him and ink left es to make another clan, zz (;P), vz(?), and probably more I don't know or forgot. Plus there's all the free agents/randos who could sign up and the inevitable whining forters who think they dom at all modes. East was totally full today when I was on anyway.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 10:20pm »

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 08:26pm »
You totally signed up wrong. Don't worry bud I fixed it for you.

Dogfight Throwdown / Re: 2V2 DFT
« on: May 07 '15 08:02pm »
Wiki is up. Sign ups are open. DFT 3 is a go. June 13th. I will be a ref but we will need more. Light can you offer some servers up for this thing?

Wiki link.

Honestly none of this is surprising. Active players don't want to be a part of a dead clan that doesn't do anything or rep on grids. We have basically turned into the new dbd/es, our members are only heard about in whispers on dark nights. Bam was the most active and tried to do things to make us more active like recruiting more members and there wasn't enough of a response that he felt like staying here trying to hold the torch for a clan that just doesn't have the fire anymore. We all want to be a family, but when there are only like 3 active players you can't be surprised when they leave for something else.

I don't blame anyone for leaving because the bottom line is this whole game comes down to having fun. If bam/illu weren't having fun in Rx why should they try and tough it out in the hopes it might get better? Yeah it sucks for us because we like them, but shit happens. Vibe and I had drama and we both quit and then I came back. Syn, you quit and then you came back. Other people quit and never came back. Some people just slowly faded away. That's tron. That's life. Everyone's gotta do what they've gotta do and you can't hold on to anything forever because it all goes away in the end. As long as there are people who care about Rx and want it to still be around, it will be around. When there aren't anymore, it wont. A lot of us have been here too long to want to go anywhere else. I don't even know what I'm posting anymore, rambling on like a crazy motherfucker...

Tron Talk / Re: Tat goes bye
« on: Apr 17 '15 04:36am »
Wish you could have joined before tron died... :(

General Chat / Re: Where I've been
« on: Apr 17 '15 04:12am »
Shit. You've got kids... Wow. Congrats man. I've got a gf and work so that's my excuse but damn... A whole nother life to take care of, I can't even imagine. As long as you still check in here every once in a while :)

I'm really happy for you man. You're going to be a great dad.

1v1 Thread / Re: 1 v 1's for stats
« on: Apr 17 '15 03:56am »
I don't understand any of this thread except people are scared of bam lol. ENGLISH DO YOU SPEAK IT MOTHERFUCKER?

Tron Talk / Re: Kroz Admin Abuse
« on: Apr 04 '15 06:52pm »
I don't even know what that means or how it would help. I can barely play the game let alone understand any of the user levels and commands and shit. I just let you and duke deal with all that jazz.

I'm really helpful aren't I :]

Tron Talk / Re: Kroz Admin Abuse
« on: Apr 04 '15 06:46pm »
sup banksy.

Bam.... someone's got some 'splainin to doooooo

Applications / Re: Gazelle's App
« on: Mar 30 '15 09:50pm »

General Chat / Re: Iphone vs Andriod
« on: Mar 27 '15 02:37pm »
It's not without consent either.
I would argue that a lot of people don't realize their data is being collected and don't have the technical savvy to opt out even if they did know. Just sayin.

General Chat / Re: Iphone vs Andriod
« on: Mar 26 '15 10:55pm »
To be fair Light, I'm not really a fan of Apple either. Though I don't understand the insane nerd haters they get. Sure their products are overpriced/underpowered comparatively and are difficult/impossible to change out parts. But their target market isn't people who give a shit about those issues, and I'm fine with that. It looks good. It's dead simple. Syncs easily if you have other Mac shit. I get it.

I am conflicted with Google honestly. I love their products but I really dislike their COLLECT ALL THE PERSONAL DATA ethos. If you use a gmail/youtube account, use google, chrome, and android.... Google knows so much fucking shit about you. Not that I have a personal problem with that, I don't give a shit if they know what I like, where I go, what I google. Doesn't bother me. I am just philosophically opposed to the idea of a company that has the capability to know so much about so many people without their reasonable consent. The combined databases of Google and Facebook are a George Orwell book waiting to happen.


General Chat / Re: Iphone vs Andriod
« on: Mar 26 '15 05:48pm »
I've had both. I like both. I had an iphone 4 then got an lg g2 which I still have. Part of why I like the android is because it is easy to customize without jailbreaking. My phone is maybe a little bit faster and has a bigger screen than the iphone. I like the app store, but a lot of good apps seem like they are iphone only...

This isn't really android specific, but my iphone was way sturdier than my g2. I dropped my iphone down a flight of stairs on to concrete (don't ask) and it still was perfect. Tiny dent. My g2s touch screen is getting wonky and the headphone jack doesn't work after about a year of use and a couple small drops.

I like them both, but if I had to pick I think I would get another android, just a different model. iOs is too limited and I don't want to waste my time jailbreaking it and dealing with that crap just to be able to make it do something android can do by default.

Introductions / Re: The dankest of dank
« on: Mar 20 '15 04:59am »
Pls had, alaskan cod best cod.

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