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General Chat / Re: Where I've been ..
« on: Sep 21 '15 04:53pm »

General Chat / Re: The state of Rx
« on: Jul 24 '15 09:49pm »
im hur. Super busy with work but im always checking mobile chat to see if there is anyone on the server. My wedding anniversary is tomorrow and we also have one on the way so thats where all of my time has been going. I also hop on ts about once a day to see if anyone is on there.

General Chat / Re: Need help like ASAP
« on: Jun 04 '15 02:24pm »
There is a new version we have come accross twice up in the north. Cryptowall 3.0 we had fairly good luck with scanning the hard drive (data recovery tier 1 out here) it encrypts the files but does not securely delete the old ones so as long as it hasn't run for too long we were able to recover 95% of her pictures and documents as well. It was a lot of manual work as it found about 15 for each file and only a couple of the copies were actually okay.

General Chat / Re: Need help like ASAP
« on: Jun 04 '15 02:09pm »
Could a Previous Version of the Client’s Data Exist in Volume Shadow Copy Data on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1?
Yes. In the event a client was infected with this malware, Agents should attempt to utilize the Volume Shadow Copy feature of MRI F-MOD to obtain and restore a non-encrypted version of the client’s data from a date before the infection after consulting with the client. Keep in mind that some variants of this malware actually delete Volume Shadow Copys which would render this potential save useless.

General Chat / Re: Need help like ASAP
« on: Jun 04 '15 10:04am »
Hang on bro of you can wait until tomorrow when I go into work I'll check out the geek squad database.

General Chat / You guys don't even know.
« on: May 24 '15 09:47pm »
I'm about to go to town on some skirt steak tacosssss I'm sooo fucking hungry right now.

General Chat / Re: Computer Fixed
« on: May 21 '15 08:36pm »
I'm here dood

Tron Talk / Re: Tat goes bye
« on: Apr 08 '15 11:13pm »
Im glad we had you around for the ride Tat, the game is dying, and us right along with it. This clan used to be an insanely close family, and I would personally do everything I could to revive the game back to its glory days. but you only have so much time in the day, and as my life is right now, i just dont have the time. The problem is, this is like 90% of the tron communities problem as well. I wish the fam feeling would have been there for you but good luck out there!

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 13 '15 08:48am »
ill be at work :/ tell you what since i cnt make it, just take a by from me/ i dont want to hold up the whole tourney cause i work so much

Challenge Us! / Re: .dBd| vs Rx.
« on: Feb 12 '15 08:30am »
I dont know if i will be off work but i will try to make it

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 12 '15 08:25am »
im here today wiz

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Feb 09 '15 01:37pm »

Events / Re: Rx VS Rx DF
« on: Feb 08 '15 09:09pm »
yo wiz, ill be available pretty much anytime tomorrow

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Feb 03 '15 09:13pm »
oh btw syn I downloaded the under pressure album. i havent listened to the whole thing but i have listen to intro about 100 times lol

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Feb 03 '15 08:53pm »
Dude. you keep making that shit. thats almost my fav type of jam

General Chat / Re: desktop
« on: Jan 28 '15 09:29pm »
FFS Lui, I almost had a stroke looking at that lol. How do you find anything? Is that like a " my rooms not messy, I know where everything is " kinda thing lol?

General Chat / Re: desktop
« on: Jan 27 '15 09:25am »

This is my desktop. I'm kind of a minimalist. hidden desktop icons and hidden toolbar

General Chat / Re: desktop
« on: Jan 27 '15 09:11am »
I'ma be honest, the only thing that makes sense to me in either of those screen shots is the steam widget lol

Steam / Re: Steam Usernames
« on: Jan 22 '15 04:10pm »
also syn, i cnt seem to find you

Steam / Re: Steam Usernames
« on: Jan 22 '15 04:05pm »
go get one, ive been dying to play TTT

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Jan 22 '15 04:00pm »

Applications / Re: Homecoming
« on: Jan 22 '15 02:58pm »
Welcome home, Good luck buddy. I think your post will shed some light on the subject.

Challenge Us! / Re: Lets go
« on: Jan 15 '15 08:18am »
i think there should just be a bracket for playing with one hand just for me.

General Chat / Re: Keyboards Are Gross
« on: Jan 12 '15 08:19am »
best buy will match prices with amazon!

as long as it is shipped and sold by amazon then yes, if its sold by joe blows stolen computerware through amazon, then no they won't

General Chat / Re: Keyboards Are Gross
« on: Jan 11 '15 07:27pm »
I get it for 130 so not much cheaper

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