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General Chat / Re: Movie and Video Game Screenshots
« on: Dec 09 '14 10:03pm »
figure this one out

General Chat / Re: FFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!
« on: Dec 09 '14 10:02pm »
vz is never dead according to python

General Chat / Re: FFFFFfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!
« on: Dec 06 '14 08:45pm »
Didnt you try to join >>

Promotions / Had
« on: Dec 05 '14 05:30am »
He's active, funny and mean, all perfect attributes to a leader. I feel that had deserves to be higher in food the chain, not just a sleep walker

Applications / Re: rataTATat
« on: Dec 03 '14 07:29pm »
gratz my friend

General Chat / Re: Pets!
« on: Dec 02 '14 10:34pm »
i was thinking that too pd

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Dec 02 '14 01:20pm »
What does "there is a new world" mean? Basically everything is reset to a new map?

Requiring minecraft premium sucks because it will limit who will play. I can't think of anyone who has a legit account besides a few.

What about just changing the IP of the server and make it private in Member's Only, then we can leave in the hacked client mod for the server?

We lost a lot. Swag pretty much destroyed all of spawn. We could all team together and fix it but, it will never be the same lol. I have the old world if everyone wants to do that.

There are quite a few that have premium... :P Myself, Had, Cam, Syn, Sly, Inoob, and Tat for sure. I dont know if there are more, maybe hope.

The problem with changing the server IP is that I dont have that ability. I am renting the server from a service. Thats why I was asking you about your VPS's. We could change the texas server into our own server and we can hide the ip to ourselves and who ever we choose to give it to. We could also allow the server to let people play without premium and we could also have mods set up.

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Dec 01 '14 09:28pm »

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Dec 01 '14 09:17pm »

Some of you may have noticed that the server is different....well, it is. There also has been some changes made to the server

  • Server is whilelisted
  • There is a new world
  • You have to have the premium minecraft to play

Pb, Swag, and Zulu found out about a glitch i knew about. I didnt think they would figure it out. They did. So, they obtained the ability of creative. They pretty much decimated the spawn and a few other places, syn's house, tat's house, and duke and I's house. Any of your resources that you may have lost will be reimbursed, including: Weapons, Armor, Resources, Levels, Animals, etc.

I am sorry about the inconvenience.   

Applications / Re: rataTATat
« on: Nov 24 '14 10:56pm »
Good luck my friend

General Chat / Re: My 16th Birthday is today ;D
« on: Nov 24 '14 09:45pm »
happy birthday! they all get worse from here

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Nov 21 '14 02:33am »
yeah go coin boy

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Nov 20 '14 10:02pm »
hope you enjoy

Minecraft / Screenshots
« on: Nov 20 '14 04:20pm »

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Nov 19 '14 08:58pm »
Hey, who ever the fuck harvested the community farm. Replant. -_-

Archive / Re: App for rx:Doog
« on: Nov 19 '14 08:52pm »
He only applied to show that he could get in easily. Once he made Rxp he quit.

How do you know that?
I talked to him about it. When i was first applying to rx, he told me about how he joined rx and then left the next day. I asked why. He told me that reason.

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