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Archive / Re: App for rx:Doog
« on: Nov 19 '14 12:57pm »
He only applied to show that he could get in easily. Once he made Rxp he quit.

Challenge Us! / Re: TLT v.s. Rx.
« on: Nov 18 '14 12:49pm »
Lmao just watch when I come back. Same day I come back. 20* bucks hommie if you win
1v1 me bro

Minecraft / Re: Our server
« on: Nov 18 '14 12:47pm »

Minecraft / Our server
« on: Nov 17 '14 12:38am »
I am starting a server O.o

Anyone is good to play. Dont be dumb.

For the cheap, use this You can download a cracked version that will allow to play for free.


Leave your minecraft name below to be whitelisted. This allows you to play.

General Chat / Re: Can i ask what this is about?
« on: Nov 16 '14 09:52pm »
It might be a good idea to just clear the ban list and start over? :P

General Chat / Re: Can i ask what this is about?
« on: Nov 16 '14 10:56am »
Duke did turn off the script, he was probably banned before duke took the script down

General Chat / Re: Screenshot thread.
« on: Nov 15 '14 09:20pm »

General Chat / Re: post music
« on: Nov 15 '14 08:19pm »
im confused what?

Applications / Re: Application
« on: Nov 15 '14 08:17pm »
goodluck :)

Applications / Re: Sly
« on: Nov 14 '14 12:31am »
Good luck :)

Tron Talk / Re: Alternative Resource Server
« on: Nov 06 '14 10:35pm »
.....whats going on?

Promotions / Re: me
« on: Nov 06 '14 02:20am »
I really don't think people should be able to nominate themselves either. :P
::) should be fine. duke was the one who told him too LOL

Promotions / Captain?
« on: Nov 06 '14 12:25am »
So, I have thought about it. I decided screw it and I might as well try! I want to apply for captain, votes and input would be appreciated.

Don't be a Bamboozle, vote yes!

1v1 Thread / Re: ME VS pdbq
« on: Nov 05 '14 11:52pm »
well the 10% is right because pdbq had admin  :P
What does that even mean?

Promotions / Re: me
« on: Nov 04 '14 12:11pm »
Why do you deserve it? I dont know you that well so I am unbiased. So i guess youre going to have to convince me to get my vote O.o

1v1 Thread / Re: 1v1 me dwiz bet you won't
« on: Nov 02 '14 06:31pm »
LOL fine! if you win thats expected, i was raised in loose. if you might as well kill yourself O.o

1v1 Thread / Re: 1v1 me dwiz bet you won't
« on: Nov 02 '14 06:27pm »
diz has to train me first then we shall

1v1 Thread / Re: 1v1 me dwiz bet you won't
« on: Nov 02 '14 05:02pm »
bring. it.

1v1 Thread / 1v1 me dwiz bet you won't
« on: Nov 02 '14 05:00pm »
1v1 me scrub

Applications / Re: Atmosphere Application
« on: Nov 02 '14 04:55pm »
Welcome back to the clan :)

Tron Talk / Re: some tweaks to Rx Loose settings
« on: Nov 01 '14 04:47pm »
Personally, I like both and i think that there are pros and cons to both.

The anti-stab allows for more reckless traps for the fact that I know it will be clean for the most part. The con to the anti-rubber is that your escapes change, it's harder to hit the edge of the corner and escape. I find my self going into more traps and having to almost dig out. 

The stab configurations indeed make you better at escaping. It allows for you to learn to escape things better and not die as quickly. Traps cant be as risky due to the fact that you don't want to make your traps flat or you don't want to stab. Another con to it is that when a noob enters the server. The noob stabs every fucking turn then stabs a near inescapable wall. Maybe we should make a server for both. One with anti stab and another without anti stab. I don't know, I'm just brain storming.

Applications / Re: Obs' Re-app
« on: Oct 29 '14 01:32pm »
come play dude! Im in Uk right now but i would be more than happy to move

Applications / Re: Obs' Re-app
« on: Oct 29 '14 12:45pm »
Goodluck! Come by loose, im on usually at 8 pm to 2 am eastern.

Applications / Re: app
« on: Oct 29 '14 12:44pm »
i knew that you were posting drunk LOL. You said "I'm not that drunk" hehe

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