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Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Oct 29 '14 02:26am »
i recently discovered that if I were to get a server, I could set it up a server so that anyone can play with a cracked version. For anyone who doesn't know, a cracked minecraft is a free minecraft client that allows you to play without buying an actual account. All you have to do is download a cracked server and you'll be good to go. The only problem is that you cant have minecraft skins. For all of you that don't really want to pay, you can do this instead.

Applications / Re: app
« on: Oct 28 '14 11:05pm »
he doesnt have to have an invite remember!? Apps have been opened.

Tron Talk / Re: some tweaks to Rx Loose settings
« on: Oct 27 '14 09:43pm »
I agree with pd, i use every bit of rubber I can. If that be good or not, it feels like im relearning the server. I like the anti stab feature though. I dont know.

Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Oct 26 '14 08:14pm »
Well. The problem is that you received the account. If you would have bought it yourself you could look back at the receipt. So idk! Either remember the username or buy a new one. OR figure out the friend

Minecraft / Re: M1n3cr4ft
« on: Oct 26 '14 12:52pm »
if you remember the user name, go here  and insert it, you can reset your password. Once you reset your password, you should be able to view your email and whatever else you might need!

Have you been banned unrightfully?
If you have please leave the following information
  • Name:
  • Ip:
  • Server:
Leave all of your information here. We will deal with it as soon as possible, and we will leave a response when we have fixed the issue. Thank you for your time and we are sorry for the major inconvenience.

Minecraft / M1n3cr4ft
« on: Oct 26 '14 12:55am »
Okay, we need a minecraft server. I would love to play with other people. I love the game, but I have played so much that it's not fun to play by myself. So, I hope I am not the only one who wants to do this! Bamboocifer is my account name and I will purchase a server if we have enough people to play and be active.

General Chat / BAM
« on: Oct 24 '14 01:30am »

Tron Talk / Re: Quake is around
« on: Oct 24 '14 01:11am »
Welcome back! glad i was able to catch you tonight and lead you here! Have fun with real life!

Support / Re: "proxy" auto-bans
« on: Oct 23 '14 11:58am »
Is it possible to make it an auto suspend bot? That way if its not swag and a person like noodles and so on, they can at least plead their case instead of having no way to talk to people on the game. If it be swag or so one, then we can just resuspend and silence, because the little twat will begin to spam.

Events / Re: Questions for Bam's DFT
« on: Sep 28 '14 08:04pm »
thank you for the advise :)

Events / Re: Questions for Bam's DFT
« on: Sep 28 '14 08:03pm »
im making the site first (almost done) and then advertisement will be out about! I'll needs everyone's help. I obviously cant do it myself and i dont want it to get cancelled like the last one. I dont care if we are the only ones playing, we will still have it. People will join to come watch because our whole clan will be there and that will cause others to join in the next dft! I dont care how this first on goes. Im going to work hard to get people to join and if they dont, ill keep trying! Im going in to this with my hopes down, so i will be surprised by whatever people show up and signup.

Events / Re: Questions for Bam's DFT
« on: Sep 27 '14 04:00pm »
I am! :)

Events / Questions for Bam's DFT
« on: Sep 27 '14 01:30am »
I will respond to any question(s) that is/are needed as soon as I can. If you would like to you can create an account and Private Message me. I hope I can help in any way, shape or form. If I do not have the answer to your question, I know that someone in Rx will.

General Chat / Re: Screenshot thread.
« on: Sep 18 '14 12:33am »
The one time im not playing  :(

Archive / Re: ~V!P3ER~
« on: Sep 10 '14 01:51pm »

Introductions / Re: iNoob's Introduction
« on: Sep 07 '14 08:40pm »
hello john god of tron. I am preparing myself for your arrival. I am Brant Mangrum, aka Bam.

Archive / Re: Nova's ReApp
« on: Sep 07 '14 03:20am »
kind of ruined it for yourself nova.^^

Archive / Re: Nova's ReApp
« on: Sep 05 '14 11:49pm »
GOOD LUCK NOVA! :) Get on east and lets play!

Announcements / Re: is the new domain
« on: Sep 03 '14 11:13pm »
we need to find a way to broadcast this to other not as active Rxers

Announcements / Re: is the new domain
« on: Sep 03 '14 03:52am »
thank you duke!

Announcements / Re: Another (not so modest) proposal.
« on: Aug 28 '14 11:08pm »
If I come back I will be sumo. I can't df with my new keyboard.
get a new new keyboard

Announcements / Re: Welcoming new family members!
« on: Aug 28 '14 10:59pm »

My excitement may decrease, but the stain in my pants will not.
Bam, 2014

174 / Re:
« on: Aug 23 '14 02:16pm »
Done :kappa:

Archive / Re: Bam Application
« on: Aug 20 '14 03:03pm »

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