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Archive / Re: Bam Application
« on: Aug 19 '14 10:14pm »
PURE JOY thank so much for accepting me! :) I hope to impress you all!

Archive / Re: Hope's Application ;p
« on: Aug 19 '14 12:38pm »

Archive / Re: Bam Application
« on: Aug 15 '14 06:28pm »
okay :) thank you both :D

Archive / Bam Application
« on: Aug 15 '14 04:36pm »
Age: 18

Gender: Male

Aliases: Bam, Bamboocifer, Boop, Incenda

Time Played: 4 years

Past Clans: Un (Untouchable)

Global ID: Boop@forums

Division(s) Applied For (DF, SUMO, CTF, HR): Df and Sumo

Timezone and Available Times: Eastern. Likely, ill be available later on in the day, but depending on college...Ill have to get back when i learn my schedule.

Invited By: Vibe

Have you read and Understood the Clan Charter: yes, I understand

Why did you choose to apply to Rx: I have always wanted to be apart of Rx. When i was a newbie, Rx members were the people that taught me and made me into the tron player i am now. I would love to become a player like that.

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