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Applications / Re: Shroud app
« on: Jan 03 '15 06:02am »
yeah i'm pretty sure that was you. good times, too bad ctf is pretty much dead now

Applications / Re: Shroud app
« on: Jan 03 '15 05:45am »
thx thx, i'll be showing my face more in df but i've been a bit busy.

iNoob, did i play you in any of the ctf brawls?

Applications / Re: Shroud app
« on: Jan 02 '15 02:34pm »
Legit-check comming soon hopefully. Till then best wishes, good luck and yea. Lets try to catch each other cuz' I never vote cuz' I never get to know the applicants :>

i play during early euro hours, sorry. thats why i said to chat with me on the forums or somethin if we dont get a chance to play

Applications / Re: Shroud app
« on: Jan 01 '15 06:54pm »
thanks. i'm sure to some of you this looks like a "troll", but it isn't.. the entire sumo/fort community is filled with trolls and toxic people, i don't really mind but my main source of competition is pretty much dead. bam is teaching me some df and it intrigues me, not because it's that fun but because i always want to be the best in anything i do. i've always been a positive influence in clans i've been in, dunno. if some of you have questions or want to get to know me better, shoot me a pm! gimme a chance

Applications / Re: Shroud app
« on: Jan 01 '15 09:46am »
o ye, feel free to pm me for a chat, anyone

Applications / Shroud app
« on: Jan 01 '15 09:12am »
Aliases: I have some very known aliases that Bam or Duke will probably post in your private section, choosing not to mention them here because I don't need any trolls on the topic or anything. It's not really a secret however.

Time Played: Since 2006 or so

Past Clans: None in df

Global ID: Shroud@forums

Timezone and Available Times: Paris timezone

Invited By (if applicable): Bam

Have you read and Understood the Clan Charter: Yes

Why did you choose to apply to Rx: The only relevant df community around, I have some friends in this clan too

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