Rx Clan Charter

The Rx Philosophy
Insomnia is a group of like-minded individuals who strive to make a difference. We are considerate and help others whenever possible and distribute our knowledge freely to those who ask.

We are a close-knit clan who treat each other as family, we are laid-back and don't mind giving each other shit and having a good time, and we consider Insomnia an extremely fun clan to be in, otherwise we wouldn't be here.  We are here for fun, and community, and the only thing we take seriously is loyalty to each other and to our charter.  After all, it's a game right?

Rx members are bros before pros any day!

General Requirements
Before applying for Insomnia Clan, you must be invited by a current, fully tagged member of the clan.
Of course skill level matters a bit. A certain caliber of skill on the grid is required to play comfortably with each other and our opponents. Skill evaluations are made informally by clan members. Naturally, we will be much more willing to accept players who have skill.
In addition to Armagetron AD, Rx takes pride in the artistic creativity and skill of our members. We are constantly looking for members with special talents and technical proficiencies.  Our clan was built on creativity and the drive to innovate.
No clan wants dead-weight members who no one knows and are only seen in whispers of children’s imaginations on rare moonlit nights. We seek players who will make valuable contributions to our discussions and weigh in on clan matters when their opinion is asked. Members should also play often enough to at least be familiar with the majority of current clan members. We are a close knit group, and it’s tough to be an asset if no one knows who you are or is familiar with your playing style. We don't like members who just want to slap on a tag and be done with it. If you're joining a tron clan, at least a small part of you is a nerd, and we expect you to live up to it!
Personality is the most important factor to Rx when considering an applicant. That’s right; members have been rejected and accepted into the clan based solely on their personalities. If you are easy to get along with and have a decent sense of humor, you stand a much better chance of getting along with the rest of Insomnia.
If you are unwilling or lacking terribly in these criteria, you may want to consider another clan.

Clan Positions
The hierarchy in Insomnia is fairly simple.  Accepted applicants undergo a period of prospective membership. If a prospect is voted into the clan, they become a fully tagged member. All members hold the same rank, however there are certain jobs to be done within the clan, and each of these jobs is assigned to a clan Officer.  Each office has its own responsibilities and requirements and with each office position comes a new clan dynamic. It is up to each member the level of participation they wish to enjoy within the clan. Office positions are based upon informal campaigning and elections among members when numbers permit, or are appointed when member numbers aren't conducive to an election process.  The perfect candidates for office positions demonstrate high player activity levels, personal maturity, initiative, responsibility, valuable clan contributions, and skill. Below are each clan position and its corresponding responsibilities and benefits.

Prospect Full Member Division Leader Vice Leader Leader

  • Required
    • Wear prospect tag at all times: RxP
    • Appear on grid/in game regularly to familiarize with the various members.
    • Be fairly acquainted with all active members within 14 days of the prospecting period.
  • Benefits
    • None

Full Member
  • Required
    • Post enough in clan forums to remain an active member of community (not a requirement, but strongly suggested).
    • Maintain a healthy presence on the grid. If a member is to be inactive for an extended period, they must notify the clan to avoid being removed from the roster and placed on Missing In Action (MIA) status.
  • Benefits
    • Is a full member of Rx
    • Given Moderator permission in all Rx servers
    • Allowed to wear the Insomnia tag Rx and any approved variations thereof.
    • Access to member’s only area of the forum
    • Given preliminary access to Rx Command
    • Allowed to create an @insomniaclan.com authentication login
    • Eligible to hold office positions
    • Allowed to vote in clan matters

Division Leader
  • Required
    • Maintain healthy forum AND grid activity
    • Demonstrate above average skill in division game type.
    • Demonstrate maturity and responsibility on forums and grid.
  • Benefits
    • Admin permissions on clan servers.
    • Final word on matters relating to specified division
    • Tests prospects applying for specified division
    • Responsible for organizing wars, as well as issuing and responding to calls for war in their division

Vice Leader
  • Required
    • Has acquired an extensive history of substantial forum posts AND a heavy grid presence and reputation
    • Has demonstrated an extensive history of significant contributions toward the clan's interests.
    • Ability make a long-term commitment to the care and evolution of the clan.
    • Participation in clan policy making.
    • Manage clan personnel and issue resolution.
    • Demonstrate innovation, initiative, and exceptional maturity.
  • Benefits
    • Administrator permissions in all clan servers
    • Moderation permission on forums
    • Given full access to Rx Command
    • Oversight of lower ranking members
    • Ability to issue application invitations
    • The top echelon of Insomnia’s decision making structure
    • Assumes the responsibilities of Leader when Leader is away
    • Retains the right to petition for retention of rank upon returning from MIA status

  • Required
    • Has acquired a prolific history on forum, a formidable reputation on grid, and demonstrated unwavering loyalty to the clan and its members.
    • Has demonstrated an extensive history of pivital contributions to the clan's interests.
    • Has demonstrated a long-term commitment to the care and evolution of the clan.
    • Ability to issue application invitations
    • Has final say in all matters of clan policy.
    • Acts as spokesperson and liason to all outside clans and entities
    • Manages clan personnel and issue resolution.
    • Demonstrates forethought, vision, innovation, initiative, and exceptional maturity.
  • Benefits
    • Owner permissions in all clan servers.
    • Admin permission on forums.
    • Oversight of lower ranking members.
    • The final authority of Insomnia’s decision making structure.
    • Has full access to Rx Command
    • Manages the Control Panels for all Rx servers.

Additional Members Statuses

  • Required
    • Demonstrate absence from the grid for a period of a month without prior notification
    • Demonstrate absence from the forum for a period of a week without prior notification
    • Fail to cast a vote in a clan-wide poll (applications, memberships, motions, etc.)
      • Request Inactive status due to anticipated extended absence
      • Forfeiture of any office position held.
      • If absence continues for a period of two months, member is removed from roster and considered Missing in Action (MIA)
    • Benefits
    • May request a return to active status after demonstrating increased grid activity

  • Required
    • Demonstrate absence from the grid for a period of two or more months without prior notification
    • Request MIA status due to anticipated absence of indeterminate length.
  • Disadvantages
    • Forfeiture of any office position held.
    • Removed from roster and placed on MIA status.
  • Benefits
  • May request a return to Inactive status after demonstrating increased forum activity
  • May request a return to Active status after demonstrating increased grid and forum activity

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