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Just realised I haven't properly introduced myself to the rxers that don't know me yet.

Well, in the past 4 years that I've been floating around tron, I've had many names, Syn is the most recent alias,
  I tend to change names a LOT in tron, mainly cause people will know me by one name, I'll do something dumb which makes a large group of people dislike me; and bam, change names.

A brief history of my tron career, I guess.

So my first year was just getting to grips with the game. About a year in I decided I was good enough at CTF to apply for the team zirka, which gave me my name Spe.

Anyway blah blah Podded Rx drama boring.

IRL My name's Jamie, 16 years old, English, doing nicely at school and generally life is good at the moment.

So Rx, how y'all doing?

what about exiled?

all the sunsets we watched on the beach

all the flowers and chocolate..

..what about all of that?

exiled is too much of an emotional subject for me baby.

And everyone knows about our love affair anyway, it's no secret,

^ Sometimes it is to emotional to bring up past clans :p

Am I having a stroke or is that your avatar syn? jesus christ its even in chat


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