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Tron in-game fps


I remember on the old forums duke posted some commands for tron that get rid of a lot of the extra unnecessary graphics which also boosts the in-game fps. Anybody know where that post is? I used it for my old computer, but now that I have a laptop I need to do it again.

sparks 0 turns off sparks
dither 0 reduces graphical dithering
floor_mirror 0 no floor mirror
floor_detail 0 less detailed floor
lower_sky 0
smooth_shading 0

- Go to System > Display > Preferences, turn off High Rim
- Go to System > Display > Detail, change Floor Detail to Just Grid
- Go to System > Display > Performance Tweaks, change Swap Mode to Flush. Also change Display Lists to Create and Execute. Some may get better performance with Swap Mode > Finish. Switch between them and eye the fps meter to see which one works for you.
- In the console, type in max_out_rate 25. Hit Enter


Thanks Bruh 8)


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