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« on: Aug 15 '14 04:01pm »
I'm going to go ahead and open up the applications since we're not really waiting on anything anymore but members.  So here are guidelines:

Officers who can invite applicants are as follows:

Division Leaders
Grid Captains
Vice Leaders

Applicants must complete the application process and indicate which division(s) they are applying for, at which point we will follow standard voting procedures.  An accepted applicant will become a prospect (RxP) at which point they will familiarize themselves with the clan.  When the Division Leaders of the divisions applied for feel the prospect is ready to test for full membership, they will arrange a skill evaluation.

Once the evaluation is done, the Division Leaders will inform the Clan of their decision in the Application Evaluation section, and the Prospect's membership will be voted upon.  The prospect will then be notified of the results.

Prospect Evaluation may result in the following outcomes:

-Passed: Full membership granted.
-Recycled:  Skills need slight improvement, test re-scheduled.
-Unsatisfactory:  Prospect period discontinued.  Membership denied.

Let the games begins folks, and remember, make your decisions wisely based upon the recruitment guidelines set forth in the Insomnia Clan Charter:

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Re: Recruiting
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On that note, we have two application currently up for evaluation! Get acquainted with Bam, and Luigi, and go vote on their polls!

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Re: Recruiting
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I really want to be a part of this movement, but I'm on the same boat as pd. sorry guys :/


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Re: Recruiting
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No sweat brother, you're here in spirit.  Rx is in the blood.  (and a few videos I took...  sorry)

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Re: Recruiting
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vibe, you have vids????

ha, i'll be an active night crawler.
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