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Nominate fellow Rx members for a promotion by starting a topic with their name and a poll with options Yes / No.

Members will be promoted by one stage if successful.
Sleepwalker → Lieutenant → Captain → General

By the end of the voting period, a General/Leader will promote the member if the vote has a majority in favor of Yes.

RANKS  and what's expected:

* Expected to display maturity when the time calls
* Minimum of moderate activity on gridsGiven Moderator on clan servers

* Much participation in clan politics and votes
* Active forum and grid participation
* Contribute with new ideas and insightful discussions
* Been in Rx for a whileGiven Administrator on clan servers

* Has same influence as Leaders
* Able to make mature decisions
* Will step up to the plate and manage and moderate the entire clan
* Extremely active and reliableGiven full Rx Command access, admin on servers/forums, able to supersede votes to insta-accept/reject applicants, insta-accept/reject promotions, insta-promote, and others when the time arises.

Things to keep in mind:
Your votes are anonymous, no one can tell who voted for what.

Things to consider:
Vote for people who are very active in the clan, are mature and will not admin abuse, and contribute both on grid and forums.
Please nominate members who you feel meet the above criteria.


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