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Obs' Re-introduction
« on: Oct 30 '14 05:28am »
Hey (new) Rxers
You all know, that I really enjoyed posting on the old forums and I always tried to write good English, but if I fuck up..then I fuck up.
So..where to start..yea
I am Felix, and I like being called Felix. ObSeSsi0n is just my ingame name because I needed a cool looking name with a little sense to frighten other tronners (I know it's not as scary as iNoob or pdbq, but I didn't want to impost anyone). I turned 19 this year and since Ocotber I'm a student of English linguistics and Sports at the University of Münster in hope of once being a teacher. I'm a big soccer fan and play myself since I was 4 years old. Now I'm also coaching a women's team, where my girlfriend plays in. When it comes to winter-vacation I loooove snowboarding (as my profile pic intends). That might sound sporty and active, but in general I'm a lazy guy, so I started tronning with my mates Revo and Dim. Together we founded ZG and thought we were the bosses of HR (lol it was just Revo who was skilled). When Revo and Dim left to join ID I started playing Df a lot and got to know you suckers. And you showed me that there's no reason in trying to be the best and join ID or dbd or mym or any other pro-clans which are dead now. The Rx philosophy seemed right to me and so I applied and with a lot of butter in your asses I made it prospect (hell yea). The rest of the story is typical Rx. Trolling, having fun on mumble, win wars, this that. Brought sumo to Rx and as I saw the past times on you're still doing great. So yea that was my tron story.
Besides tron I'm playing FIFA15 on my xBox and whatch series like Supernatural, Entourage, Breaking Bad and so on (damn you Americans have a great taste!)
When it comes to music I like nearly anything with a cool melody. Mostly american HipHop. I love the ASAP-Mob, Tyga and all the other niggas in the game right now. As well as Biggie, Em and Fitty. But I also like bands like The Fray, The Script and One Republic (nohomo)
My last big love (besides my gf) are Sneakers! Runningsneakers & Jordans. Got 24 pairs right now and the collection keeps growing :)
When you see me on the grid or in the chat feel free to ask anything and yeah, I'm looking forward to getting to know you new guys :)

~Felix <3

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