Author Topic: Mistakes were made.  (Read 5272 times)

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Re: Mistakes were made.
« Reply #50 on: Jan 17 '15 05:59am »
So I read that topic you linked where you seemed to be against me getting demoted, which is kick ass. What changed? I don't understand when we transitioned from being pretty close to being aggressive towards one another over topics that didn't concern either of us really.

It's true, I didn't want Taz or Tat in the clan, I feel they would be detrimental towards it, but I said that. There was no passive aggression about it. I made it explicitly clear of my opinions.

Some people are thinking I left because these two made it in which is simply absurd. As a general, why would I leave the clan I thought was going downhill when I was in the perfect position to stop whatever was happening?

Anyway. That happened. If any of you want me you'll have to contact me through facebook because I really have no reason to play tron anymore. Peace.

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Re: Mistakes were made.
« Reply #51 on: Jan 17 '15 08:35am »

Take care syn, wish this went down less dramatic.


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