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« on: Apr 17 '13 03:16am »
I also never made an introduction because I was too busy back in the day trying to get everyone else to post haha.  So here goes:

I'm Vibe, and I birthed this beast of a clan from my sexy womb while mister ?Who? stood between my legs with a catcher's mitt.  After Insomnia clan was safely in-glove, Dukevin cut the umbilical cord with his teeth, and thus we three kings stood and awed at the terror we had unleashed into the world.  The sweet, voluptuous terror.

  For fun I spend my time opening minds.  I organize and administrate a community for practicing spiritualists, pagans, druids, wiccans, shamans, etc, called Circle Grove.  We're in the process of creating a web presence right now so it won't be long before you're hearing more about it whether you want to or not ;)  I tattoo for a living professionally.  I'm fully licensed by the state and work from a legit shop.  I live in Fairbanks, Alaska but I'm moving to Arizona in October of this year. 
   I lost count of how long I've played tron a long time ago, but sometimes it seems like forever, and other it seems like a few minutes hehe.  I'm not really a gamer outside of tron, although I fuck around with my 360 every once in a while, and even then I'm more of a single player storyline kinda guy.  You're more likely to find me playing drums or guitar, or longboarding if I'm not tronning or working, or scheming up another project I can spend time I don't have on.  Other than that I love the outdoors, hiking, climbing, kayaking, canoeing, archery, shooting, pretty much anything that sounds fun and involves a slight chance of sudden death.  I meditate for at least 20 mins a day, and think everyone else should as well.

I like to think of myself as a pretty light and happy cat most days, but I'm a no-nonsense admin and will just as soon kick a bitch from a game than argue with them.  Many of you can attest to that hehe.  Rxers are safe from my wrath ;)

Love the new forums!  Here's to fresh starts.

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Re: Visl
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Fresh Starts are Illegal. From what I can tell Rx has been updated to version 5.0 Key Lime Pie. So a Fresh Start would be Illegal. Besides Rx is Open Source, therefore, updating is smooth and fast. Also done by millions of other Rx Users.

What makes Rx stand out is that there is no Asian dudes running the OS. So instead of having crappy hardware, Rx supplies Quad Cores on even older devices including the Rxsumg Galaxy Rx 2.

Rx is known for its fast speeds and epic load times. Not only that. But the community is over-and-above expectations aka professionally upgrading or intensifying.

:D K so...Apple is Crapple. F all APPLE users. Android is clearly the best. Open Source. Capable of making your very own app on your very own Android Device. Sit down Apple. You can't keep up.

So...Hi Vibe <3 :D

I am Sir Lord Mud Kip. I rule Rx of their Pancakes. I've already rained Pancake Mondays on Internal, Light, Illu, and Syn. Whose to say you're not next <_< >_> -.- Oh yeah..Expect a pancake to the face!
Don't take life for granted...

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Re: Visl
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Puppy, you've managed to make me have nothing to say. :P

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Re: Visl
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No, wait hold on, what?


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