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Hello Rx Tronners, KidBooger here just wanting to give you guys an invite to the CTF Brawl coming up, incase you had not yet heard of it. Now I'm not sure if you guys were ever into a CTF division or ever just interested, but this Brawl is going to be a fun attempt to get this gamemode up and running again, or at the very least give it a heartbeat.

This is the actual post headed by 16 http://forums3.armagetronad.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=24022
So far two teams have signed up which isn't such a bad start, so we are planning to move this to the 22nd of March. We are hoping to get more people to join just for the heck of it as they might turn out to like it a lot! So, if any of you know of people who may not be in your clan or just friends, then please pass this onto them. Hopefully some of you will be interested and will be playing on the grid, so see you then!

P.S. I may have posted this in the wrong forum, please move for me if this is true! Thanks  ;)


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