Author Topic: My Tron Server now up.  (Read 318 times)

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My Tron Server now up.
« on: Apr 13 '15 07:52pm »
Hey guys just wanted to let you know that my server is up. It's Luigi's Loose Dogfight ;D.
BTW its home hosted i got 2 internet lines ones for me and the other line is for my family which is the one im hosting on and im hosting on a diff pc 2 so it shouldnt lag alot it will only lag when there's people on it but it takes like 3 or 2 youtube videos to be playing to make it lag. Its still in a working progress. I have to fix my DNS Server and i have to add peoples logins and also i need sets the sets im using is alright but it dont feel right so if you have East's Sets let me use em plz ;D But if you want admin or mod let me know just pm your login(USERNAME@N/A).
Imma try to keep this server up as long as long as i can.


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