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I can hardly remember why I stopped playing tron now, but I think it was because I broke my computer about two to three years ago. After that I started Saving money for a new one with that McDonald's money. No comp meant that I had nothing to do in the meantime lol. Met an amazing girl along the way, who soon started living with me.
I was working 80 hour shifts, first for the fuck of it, then because I found out my girl was pregnant.

I would like to go into more details but I still don't have a comp to tron with so I can only summarize what's going on with me with my phone.

Meet the newest addition to the family :)

Well you're hard work has payed off!
Congrats man! Boy or girl? :D
Hope to see you back as soon as you can, but you've got a little one to look after now, so priorities are a must!

Grats, Jon!  Hope you love having him/her.  Good luck with everything. (:

Congrats! Its a girl, look at the hat! Support her, love, and give her plenty of attention! Best of luck, ask if you ever need help!

Congratz man she's adorable and so happy for you !


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