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Might be going nonactive by as next friday(IS NOW SOLVED)



--- Quote ---Well guys i got some bad news the power is getting shut off we owe 500$ by next friday if not bye bye power im just wanted to let you guys a heads up so you can change active to none active if it does happen. But there is hope that we'll get the money by then or not kinda stressed about it today because i just ordered my GTX 970 and this happens..But i hope it will get paid and this will be a thing of the past.
--- End quote ---
Okay Guys Crosswalk paid it off and wall we gotta do is pay 75 bucks tomorow to the Power Company and this will be gone in the wind ;D

Alrighty man, hope to see you as soon as possible! :)

all good dude! just have the cfg set up your computer that way you can continue to practice if at all possible!

cya soon bud


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