Author Topic: What Im currently Working On  (Read 674 times)

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What Im currently Working On
« on: Jun 11 '15 06:54am »
If you dont know already i have a modded ps3 so im putting it to use by making a mw2 custom modded patch  called Demons Unleashed V1 meaning a mod menu and etc after a day worth of testing and codding in HxD i changed the MW2 multiplayer screen to this

And having to go through HxD and the ff viewer...

I love doing this it gives me something todo and the joy of watching it go into action makes me Cum.
I might not be on tron has much until i release my v1 but ill put some time in there for tron ;D

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Re: What Im currently Working On
« Reply #1 on: Jun 13 '15 05:30am »
Pretty nice lui :o


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