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Urm, okay so i've been getting dossed offline by this "Dr.Bull" Person on Rx servers, thought i'd tell you guys. I asked him to stop booting me but obviously didn't take any of it in, it's kinda annoying tbh. I think he's either just booted the whole Rx.East server which included: Me, Dr.Bull, Windrider, Ampz and Fuji in it. I know it's illegal to DDoS and I would take legal action but I didn't quite get to print screen any of it + I don't know his IP or anything, so I know I don't have any proof. He also seems to think i'm this zulu person, if he's got any thing against him and he assumes I'm him and thats why he keeps targeting me, I really do not know.

Hahaha Zulu bored ^
Account registered yesterday, how stupid  ;D


 Bad troll, that's all

He's your clan mate, deal wit em


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