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Well, I'm getting ready for another move.  This time, to another state.  I'm moving to Ohio and I'll be working with Moofie!  I got a programming job, so going to start on that the first week of October.  Getting everything in line now to get moved.

Pretty sure I let it out, but the reason I slowed down on Tron in the first place is because playing around in the house got my monitor smashed.  It was sparking and getting insanely hot, along with barely having video ..  Trashed it.  I have the computer hooked up to my TV, but it's surprisingly more difficult to go from a 23" to a 50" than I would have expected.  Looking around the screen to see lines in Tron is weird, and I just haven't been on enough to get used to it.

Along with that, I don't really get to play during the times where there are enough people on that there's actually someone to play with that I know.  I'm not very good with talking to new people, so I like the comfort of having someone I like talking to around.

So, on top of everything, I've been working quite a bit, and trying to have a little bit of a life outside of work.  This weekend I actually plan to spend with family for once.  A day out rock climbing and having fun with big rocks. :P  I also had a few health problems with my pets, so that had to be taken care of.  Still need to finish up with some of that, but it's pretty time consuming, along with money.

So, that's about my life.  New job, new place, and new state.  I still need to get finding an apartment and getting everything moved over to OH like license and everything, so life is gonna be a little busy 'till I get settled in.  On the other hand, during the nights I have a little bit of time.  Not too late, because I'm not capable of staying up past like 10 anymore, but still a couple hours.  When I get my new job started, I'll have the day after work every day.  It'll be weird to actually have time again. lol

Anyone still alive around here, or at least in life?  I see a few in chat here over time, but I can never seem to actually catch people in-game.

Hey there Kira, sounds like you've been up to a lot! Yikes, seems like it would be hard to transition to a 50". It's always fun to see what you're up to and it sounds like your doing well. Sounds like you'll have a fun time rock climbing too. I hope that your move goes well and that your new job turns out well for you. I've started playing more again so if you're ever on it'd be super cool to play with you! Hope that we can play some time. I'll lookout for you on the grids!

Thanks. (:  Nice to see someone still active.  Usually when I check the game, it's very few people I even recognize.  I guess I could do that "making new friends" thing, but eh.

Dude, this is awesome to hear.  Always glad to hear someone progressing in life.  I know moving sucks lol..do you have a lot to move?

Also do you have insurance on your animals?  Vet bills can get expensive.


--- Quote from: TaZ on Sep 15 '15 06:56am ---Also do you have insurance on your animals?  Vet bills can get expensive.

--- End quote ---
I have 6 pets. lol That would be expensive.

We don't have a lot to move but gotta find a place still.


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