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Clan Updates
« on: Mar 14 '18 05:10pm »
Sup friends, it's been a while! It's been nice to see some old faces popping in on the chat and grids occasionally. Hope everyone is doing well out there. I just wanted to give a little update on tron and Rx and general "stuff".

So first off, the reports of trons death have been greatly exaggerated! For the past 2-3 months I've been playing tron maybe once or twice a week, more frequently recently. When I started, loose was pretty dead, seemed like mostly yellow sub, happy fun time, a little sumo, and high rubber were the most populated servers with usually only a few players on at any given time. I usually had to idle solo in Rx east for a long while for anyone else to show up, (usually a noob). But more recently I've been logging in and finding 3-5 people already in the server. Some decent, some kinda stabby backdooring sub players, also some very good players! 777k from eS has been pretty active with me (under alias), Rookie, as well as some other people who play under alias or that I don't even know. There is good loose to be had out there most days of the week! That's pretty fucking amazing considering how old this game is.

So on the Rx side of things, I have pretty much been the only one on the grids consistently during my time zone. I've seen Kira and Hope on occasion. In the interest of fun and new friends I've recruited two new players to our ranks. First is Leaf. He impressed me with his good attitude, loose skills, and activity on the grids. A while after recruiting Leaf he told me he had a twin brother, alias Water, who wanted to join Rx. Well, I can't split up a pair of tron bros who love Rx. They're both good loose players who are a blast to play with. So welcome Leaf and Water. I will be updating the roster to reflect them soon so say hi if you see them here or on grids :)

Speaking of the roster, I will be splitting up the roster to better reflect active players and inactive/past players. If you are posting on the forums, (Kira, Duke, Hope) or playing on grids (Leaf, Water), you'll be considered active. If you only pop in to say hi in the chat every couple months, or we haven't heard from you in a while, you won't be on the active list but will still be in Rx and able to rejoin the active roster at any time.

Again hope everyone is doing good, hope to see more of you all around, and welcome to our newest members.

pdbq out!
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Re: Clan Updates
« Reply #1 on: Mar 14 '18 06:00pm »
Glad to hear you've been having a success.  I have seen that loose, over the past week or so, has shown a little more activity.  I just haven't had time to sit and play when I've seen it active.  I wouldn't say though that people saying the game is pretty dead are exaggerating greatly.  I see many times throughout the day with zero or one player online.  Ignoring that, I should start playing more if loose is coming back to life.  I hated getting on and playing yellow sub or something.  Laggy as hell, and not nearly as fun as loose.

I'm pretty much always online on my site.  Some time when you're getting on, pop in and drag me with ya! :)


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