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For some reason tron doesn't want to load servers for me anymore.
Starts off normally. .
Receiving servers 10. . .
Receiving server 20. . .
30. . .
40. . .
then stops at like 60 and just freezes. 'tron not responding'.
Sometimes i work if i wait like 5 min, but then still acts buggy.

I tried uninstalling everything and no work :c

Try deleting the frommaster.srv file and trying again.

now my tron closes as soon as i try to load it lol


--- Quote from: iNoob on Aug 04 '13 12:10pm ---now my tron closes as soon as i try to load it lol

--- End quote ---
O_o  Would it help running as admin?  Maybe you don't have write permissions for the directory.

Randomly started working, but it acts all buggy in full screen for some reason lol. When i enter fullscreen i have to ctrl del top bring task manager on THEN click arma on my taskbar so it shows up lol. weird


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